The Stir Fry Concerning Technology
The Statement
This project, “The Stir Fry Concerning Technology,” owes both its inspiration and its code to Jim Andrews’ early generative work “Divine Mind Fragment Theater.” Like that work, it mashes together the texts of different theorists with the hope that the concatenation generates something new and interesting. In this case, I have taken selected passages from four famous statements about “technology” and mixed them up to get at the contradictions and conflict in the philosophical discourse on the subject. In addition, on the right, I have added Twitter feeds expressing the affective relationships people have to their technology (#lovetechnology, #hatetechnology) as counterpoint to the philosophy’s pronouncements on techno-determinism. To my mind, a Twitter stream on a subject constitutes another kind of stir fry text. The combination of Philosophy and Feed offers a new media representation of the dialogue my students and I have when we encounter these writers (Martin Heidegger, Marshall McLuhan, Raymond Williams, and Leo Marx) in class.

--Robert Fletcher, West Chester University

For mechanization is achieved by fragmentation of any process and by putting the fragmented parts in a series. Yet, as David Hume showed in the eighteenth century, there is no principle of causality in a mere sequence. That one thing follows another accounts for nothing. Nothing follows from following, except change.

--McLuhan, The Medium is the Message, 1964