^ s Arteroids in Leipzig, Apr 18 - May 3, 2009, in LET'S RESTART!!!, a show of computer game art

Arteroids is part of a show at D21 in Leipzig, Germany, curated by Michael Arzt, called LET'S RESTART!!! It features five computer games. Leipzig is in what was Communist Germany. Below are some pictures from the opening night of the show.

Michael tells me they also printed out the essay I wrote on Arteroids and made that available to those sitting on the couch. All the games in the show are accessible via the Internet. That was part of the concept of the show. The games are not presented as products but as publicly and freely available works. You can read Michael's introduction at http://d21-leipzig.de/restart

D21 is in the Lindenau quarter in Leipzig. The April 17 opening coincided with Lindenow, an artspace event in the Lindenau quarter in which all the art spaces presented new exhibitions or projects. There were about 150-200 people visiting between 3 and 23pm. And apparently Arteroids was well-received—"something like the darling of the public" Michael says. Many thanks to Michael! I am very happy to participate in this art show in Leipzig!