What It Is

dbCinema is a graphic synthesizer and langu(im)age processor I wrote in Adobe Director. It produces amazing still images and knockout real-time painterly cinema. Click here for an introductory video that shows you how to use it.

The Slidvid Series are screenshots from movies generated with dbCinema. The series are listed in chronological order from older to newer. The slidvids are powered by a JavaScript slideshow engine I wrote. These series show what dbCinema can do when you know how to configure it to interesting results.

The Slidvid Series
Abstract Art
Jim Leftwich
Geof Huth
Silvia Saint
Notre Dame Cathedral
Kandinsky3    about
Graphic Loven
Stephen Vincent
Silvia Saint 2
Kedrick James
Olga Glukovska
Klee Flowers
Angkor Wat
The Club
Self-portrait 1
Self-portrait 2

Videos of dbCinema in action are screen recordings of dbCinema sessions I've done using the desktop version of dbCinema.

The Club
Van Riot

The Full Meal Deal is dbCinema itself. With all the interactive controls. You are first prompted to specify the concept. dbCinema then does a Google image search on the concept and retrieves images somehow related to the concept. Then dbCinema uses those images as 'paint'.

The Full Meal Deal

The Interactive Series are powered by dbCinema itself, though in a much simpler interface than the above version. Click the screen when it seems finished, to you. dbCinema will then change the nibs of the brushes. Sometimes it clears the screen. Sometimes it adds a brush, or deletes a brush.

The Interactive Series
London Hypotrochoid
New York