: BILL MARSH/ November 21th, 1999

11:30 - 12:00
Session Start: Sun Nov 21 11:30:24 1999
*** Topic is 'Bill Marsh & sunbrella.net, SunNov21 @ Noon PST.'
[11:30] Surd Hi Bill
billseye hi jim
Surd Good timing, huh?
Surd Got the coffee.
  billseye yeah -- i'm in the middle of heating some noodles -- back soon
  Surd OK
[11:35] steve_d hi
[11:36] billseye hi steve -- hi jim -- i'm back -- you know, the only text file i created was a list of links, per your suggestion -- couldn't think of anything that isn't on the site already in html
steve_d yes, sorry, i'm a bit harrasssed - kids are rioting
  Surd s OK
[11:38] Surd If you have questions, Bill, shoot.
  billseye none come to mind -- btw, you ever noticed how the absence of voice here is almost like a shout...?
Surd howso?
  billseye i don't know -- just have this feeling of a "din" of (non)talking
  steve_d the net is particularly slow from here. i've just been trying to look again at sunbrella ...
[11:39] Surd yes, when there's nine people on
  Surd it gets dinnish
  Surd but exciting
Surd There's some magic number maybe.
  Surd Tends to be as we speak.
billseye no, didn't mean that exactly -- talking about the absence of sound, literally, except the tapping of my fingers -- yet i imagine voices
  Surd yes
[11:40] billseye no questions really -- can you connect to sunbrella?
Surd I imagine the leap from reading aloud to reading silently was quite a leap way back when. Imagine the voices...
[11:41] Surd We experience that anew, somewhat, differently here.
  billseye and i wonder if they imagined interruptions!
Surd ha
  Surd the writing here is extremely animated.
[11:42] billseye good word for it -- figuratively and literally -- a different kind of dialogical texture -- damn, another essay to write... :)
  Surd I'm at sunbrella.
[11:43] steve_d is it that the performative element is increased
billseye in the "chat arena" you mean?
  steve_d yes
  Surd performative, yes, that too.
billseye definitely -- more improvisation, etc.
[11:44] billseye like the way "etc." has to be used more often cuz i really can't think of more but i'm sure there is !
[11:45] steve_d the way conversation becomes text is disturbing
[11:46] billseye what i find intriguing - a new skill to learn - is typing and reading incoming responses as i go - i wonder if the post-structuralists ever imagined that, ie, the conjoining of reader and writer
billseye how disturbing?
  steve_d attempted conjoining ...
[11:47] steve_d disturbing in that normal conversation is written on water
billseye i feel a certain anxiety about *not* being able to converse in that "normal" way, constantly waiting, wondering what's going to come through next, having to revise mid-sentence even based on new lines appearing on the screen
[11:48] Surd Yes, I wish we could capture the temporal timing of the thing in the transcripts.
  Surd Which is often crucial.
[11:49] billseye and let's face it, you have to be a pretty fast and accurate typist to keep up -- we really should do some kind of study of these dynamics and how they affect the group, the socius
*** steve_d has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited.)
  billseye something i said?
  Surd Probably a blip.
[11:50] Surd He'll be back.
billseye or a blimp cutting the line!
  Surd ha
  Surd have you looked at the transcripts?
[11:51] billseye only glanced -- will go back when more time -- btw, i have to go tape a poetry reading this aft, so the absolute latest cut-off for me would be 2:30 -- that's cool, isn't it?
Surd yes
*** steve_d has joined #defib
[11:52] billseye steve, one of your kids trip over the cable?!
steve_d sorry, i accidentally disconnected!
Surd sOK, it's a tenuous connection.
[11:53] Surd Generally we start around 12:15, ie, in about 15 minutes.
[11:54] billseye need a drink o' water (to keep my conversation more fluid) -- back stat
*** echo has joined #defib
echo hi
echo hows it going?
[11:55] Surd Hi Beth.
steve_d jim, i haven't forgotten your message in my inbox - ive been trying out linux among other things
steve_d hi beth
Surd sOK, etime is like that, Steve.
echo hi
[11:56] echo duffy?
Surd So what are you up to, Steve?
billseye hi beth
steve_d yes
echo hi bill
echo overslept.
Surd Me too.
steve_d the usual stuff, and on a steep learning curve with new things
echo between the machine and caffiene
[11:57] Surd Linux...
echo it all moves so fast these days
*** David has joined #defib
echo sigh
echo i sound a hundred
Surd Hi David!
echo hey david!
billseye yo d
[11:58] steve_d yes, linux is very different, it's not kansas any more ...
David Hello. Bill, your "Drops"... is turning out beautifully.
Surd What are you doing with Linux?
billseye kansas = ? --- thanks david, having fun with it
Surd kansas=dos
[11:59] steve_d kansas=windows
Surd haha
billseye and bill gates is the wizard behind the curtain (pay no attention!)
Surd windows=seattle
Surd Emerald City, yup, that'd be it.
billseye woops -- got lost in my metaphor there -- bill would be aunti em...

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