: BILL MARSH/ November 21th, 1999

12:00 - 12:30
steve_d the emerald city
[12:00] Surd Linux is the devil's word here.
Surd Xunil
steve_d hahaha
[12:01] Surd unixl
Surd lunix
steve_d loonix
steve_d i looked up loonix - its a user group thang
[12:03] Surd Well, at work, we're moving to unix, solaris actually
Surd because of scalability issues
Surd around databases
Surd and using Oracle rather than ms SQL
Surd certainly unix
[12:04] Surd has a heritage that is network oriented from the start
steve_d i'm interested in the shell
Surd scripts?
steve_d the possibilities for text processing which are built in
Surd yes.
Surd cshell?
[12:05] steve_d i'm not an expert on the shells but i believe most of them have sophisticated capabilites in that area
echo sally sells them by the seashore
Surd yes.
[12:06] steve_d i've only used bash
Surd uh, sally sells windows and wiccan widgets by the seashore.
[12:07] echo sea hells
echo :o)
echo seashells
[12:08] steve_d seashells on mountain tops
echo i like the metaphors of sea
[12:09] echo sea urchins
echo and street urchins
echo starfish gurus
[12:10] echo sorry
echo need coffee
Surd Is the .com business phenom happening full tilt in England, Steve?
echo :o)
steve_d oh yes
Surd All the billboards here now are for .coms
Surd And advertising is full of it.
[12:11] steve_d we do the supermarket shopping online and it is delivered
Surd yes, here too.
Surd Well I'm thinking we should start any minute now.
Surd David, are you there?
[12:12] David yep. still here.
Surd Cool. Beth?
Surd Let's wait for Beth.
echo yes
echo i'm here
Surd OK
Surd Welcome to Defib!
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[12:13] Surd O lordy, these connections.
David gee, bill. what'd you say?
echo hahaha
*** steve_d has joined #defib
billseye the timing couldn't have been more perfect -- i can't stop laughing
[12:14] Surd Yes, it's
Surd magic
Surd now you see em
echo welcome to defib...now go home
Surd now you don't.
billseye haha
billseye etc.
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Surd Anyway
Surd I'm looking forward
steve_d sorry, isp two hour limit this time
Surd to discussing your work
[12:15] echo hi tom!
tompur yo!
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Surd and sunbrella.net, Bill.
Surd Well well.
Surd Hello Joseph.
echo hey!
tompur dang
Surd Bill,
[12:16] Surd let's start out with sunbrella.net, yes?
billseye good idea -- hi all
echo please
Surd http://www.sunbrella.net
echo i really want to know
echo more about
echo bill'swork
echo !
[12:17] Surd Sunbrella is a good place to start on that... it's all there.
billseye have folks seen the site? or can you get to it now?
Surd So what is sunbrella.net, Bill?
Surd Click on the link I typed.
tompur I'm going as we speak . . .
[12:18] echo brb
tompur hey! Nice planet :-)
David Bill, what are the differences among your pages: btheater, zazil, backlight.
billseye right now, sunbrella.net is a "platform" for different kinds of work, some collaborative, some individual, but for the most part we're interested in streaming different kinds of "alternative" content off the main page there (note all the ""s!)
[12:19] Surd Meow press is print?
[12:20] billseye "btheater" is my site / PaperBrain is my paper press -- Meow belongs to one of the Sunbrella folks, Joel Kuszai / Zazil is going to be a web version of a paper zine we're doing / backlight is a gallery -- check it out
billseye "utilities" right now is just links -- we're hoping to put up educational content for our students (the people involved in sunbrella are for the most part teachers)
[12:21] David Oh, so you're using it in course work.
[12:22] tompur oops . . . I've got to download a shockwave plugin
billseye yes, for example, i start a class in 3D modeling tomorrow so i'll periodically put stuff up for students -- but we're hoping to one day have tutorials, maybe an on-line reader for writing students -- it's a bit raw at this point
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David nice talkin, whip.
[12:23] billseye right, i was hoping to have a chance to warn folks that the video requires RealPlayer and some of the installations in "btheater" require Shockwave
billseye that whip was really crackin!
tompur <insert whip sound here>
Surd You publish Paper Brain, bill, and your website... are you becoming a publisher broadcaster?
[12:24] Surd a publicaster or broadlisher?
tompur wow . . . so these are all teachers of Computer Art Design?
billseye a public blister? -- getting nasty --
Surd ha
tompur hehehe
billseye teachers of writing, vis art and media design, right now (i do the first and third)
[12:25] tompur kewl
tompur 87% complete on download . . . beep . . . beep . . . beep
Surd Typically with web projects
Surd you have some sort of vision for it
Surd but work with what you have
[12:26] Surd in the early going
billseye but re: publishing -- we're trying to work from the premise that paper and web publishing share common elements, or at least we're holding on to the idea, rather than treating the web as an entirely "different" medium
Surd and it takes at least a year to swing it into the vision, yes?
billseye that seems to be the rate of development, yes
echo tpur..check out 'videas'
[12:27] jfk bill, i notice that you have published john olson's work. He's a fine poet here in seattle the last i knew of him. how did you connect with him and how has his work you published been doing?
tompur k . . . lemme finish with backlight
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[12:28] echo tom bell?
echo bell?
billseye he was recommended by Tucson poet Dan Featherston, who was the first i published -- distribution is a problem, getting the word out
steve_d i know some people see print publishing as socially devisive or elitist and others see it as a form of paricitism on writing - how do you see it?
billseye paricitism?
[12:29] steve_d sorry, parasitism
David It's certainly easier to get published on the web, but it's just as hard to get attention.
[12:30] billseye steve, i don't see it as any of those things, but i guess it can be
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