: BILL MARSH/ November 21th, 1999

12:30 - 1:00
[12:31] steve_d i think that often with print publishing the review system takes over and art is conscripted
echo i think that videa bridges the gap in some fashion
echo between
echo traditional print
[12:32] disgruntled mIEKAL here, been fighting with my computer....
echo and the machine
echo or hypertext
Surd Welcome, Miekal.
billseye miekal, beautiful gesture
jfk what i see right now is not particularly divisive either now or if it were in print. poetry in print and poetry on the web/screen are probably distinctive genres (?) about to go different ways into tomorrow. I'm interested if the web will be used to market poetry in print or to develop new poetry new poetics new politics. That's why i was wondering about the reception of Olson's work
disgruntled sorry to pull in so late...
echo graceful as always, miekal...:o)
billseye beth, i was real interested in (and excited by) the common etymologies of "video" and "idea"
[12:33] disgruntled jfk be whom?
echo well, its interesting you should say that
jfk Joe Keppler
disgruntled ah
echo being the mogli that i am
echo i see that too
billseye joseph -- i agree -- and what's telling about (real) small press poetry publishing is that john's book really hasn't been "received" at all -- also due to slow marketing on my part, i'm sure
[12:34] disgruntled why does poetry have to be "marketed" at all?
David bill, it looks as though you're doing both: marketing print and developing new poetics.
[12:35] David I don't see them as being mutually exclusive.
echo audience, miekal
disgruntled Ive always stayed out of the marketing realm, Im more comfortable networking & getting the word out in any way--
tompur backlight causes happy
Surd Perhaps marketed in the sense of just put out into the market of ideas as well as places where poetry is obtained.
echo yes, and you do that very well
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[12:36] billseye bad word choice -- meant that in the year or two i've been doing it i haven't worked hard enough to "get the word out"
David guerilla marketing, then.
disgruntled marketing = commercialism
echo you lept into the machine age
tompur give up the props to Mr. Strasser!
echo yes..(sympathy)
echo i understand
disgruntled hey R
echo reiner!
reiner hi all
Surd Hi Reiner.
[12:37] disgruntled I see a lot of my activities not having an econmic impact or even selling a lot of books--tho all my books are available for whoever wants to seek them out
Surd I am most familiar with your work as a new media poet, Bill, and as a critic. Is that where you see yourself as being most active?
echo but if we dont cultivate an audience..ah..you just said it, miekal
billseye reiner, welcome to de fib room
[12:38] reiner thanx ......
David where de fibbing goes on and on
disgruntled but I do hope that my actions will impact the future of literature & media, it just may take a couple 100 years--
tompur please direct me to videa
echo one more thing , then i will be quiet
echo miekal
disgruntled which is why we should all upload ourselves into avatar presences which carry on after we're long gone.
echo some are uncomfortable with approaching the poet or artist
[12:39] tompur yes! Avatars!
billseye skating on a lot of different surfaces right now -- the "plate's too full" metaphor has been used a lot among friends -- like others here, i'm trying to integrate a few things: web writing, critical work on same, e-publishing, paper publishing, plus the Sunbrella manifold
echo groan
echo oh, man
disgruntled we can't change people, we can only create access to our works.
[12:40] echo i was wondering when that one would
tom i missed the reference to Olson? and i have to leave soon due to family problems. sorry
echo come home to you , tpur
tompur I be at de' sunbrella home ms. garrisson
[12:41] Surd So sunbrella is an attempt to pull your various evil aims together?
billseye miekal's right on
tompur brb . . . must close browsers to install/start shockwave . . .
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disgruntled I only speak from the last 20 years of experience, of hoping that poetry would be of interest to everyone, but in reality only a small percentage
steve_d poetry as text
David It's not necessarily a question of changing people. More a matter of
disgruntled & an even smaller percentage of people interested in poetry are interested in the advance guard of it.
billseye i think so -- trying to move out to the next accretion, making the "bill" work part of a larger plan -- also, should mention, we're hoping to make the Sunbrella Network a local real-world thing too, with maybe readings, workshops, a print shop (dream!), here in San Diego CA
[12:43] disgruntled do you have a physcial space, Bill?>
David presenting the work so that your audience will want to seek it out.
disgruntled (hoping typos get editing in the transcriiiiipppppttts)
billseye not yet, miekal -- no pjsyikl psaec :)
[12:44] disgruntled are you hooked up with harry polkinhorn's activities at all?
[12:45] billseye glad you mentioned harry p -- i've had a few exchanges via email but nothing's come of it -- i want to invite him to a symposium we're having next year at my school on vis art / vis po -- but no personal contact yet, alas
disgruntled he has a massive connection to the spanish speaking visual verbal world,
[12:46] Surd Is he in San Diego?
jfk bill, great plans that seem to come from a love of poetry, even a love for the poverty of poetry, and the web may change that poverty and that love.... what if your work, like some .com ipo went spectacluarly popular and commercially successful?
disgruntled for those that don't know harry's work he's a poet, visual poet, does sound poetry, teaches at San Diego State
disgruntled our press has published a few things by him.
billseye i'd probably be sued by the folks who run "sunbrella.com", which is a ... you guessed it ... a sunbrella manufacturer
[12:47] Surd haha
Surd How would you characterize
Surd your critical endeavors
Surd Bill, what are you trying to do there?
[12:48] David No chance of a tie-in? Vizpo on a sunbrella?
billseye but thanks, joseph -- i think if publishers start working the various media now at our disposal, it can do good for poetry overall
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tom bye all
echo tpur, check the archive of work, go to videas
[12:49] Surd See you, Tom, hope it works out OK.
tompur k beth
echo by tom bell
reiner you have to go tom ? have a nice day
tompur by t bell
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billseye critical endeavors? find connection points for what's going on, not to reify or define, but to
billseye bye tom! thanks for stopping by
echo :o)
[12:50] echo i see bills work
echo as bridges
billseye ...to ask some questions about the work, after the work, for the work (insert bgsound: stars & stripes)
[12:51] Surd About the larger contexts of the work, also, I note.
  Surd The media
  Surd the audience
  Surd the relation to the technology
  Surd the cognitive changes that might be associated
  Surd with this new media.
  Surd What else?
[12:52] billseye what goes on "between" has always been interesting to me -- the seams -- so there's action between print and web, action between visual and verbal or graphic and vocal, action between practice and theory
  jfk bill, doing good for poets means what to you?
echo hmm..i state, as always, that the audience
  echo is the key here
[12:53] tompur yeah bill . . . that moment when a cell divides when mitochondria and cell parts pull apart?
  David I was impressed with the interaction between the wave and the TV programming
  tompur goop going one way and the other . . . the seam . . . the wound
  Surd Considering the elements of poetics and the relations between them?
[12:54] David in "Tidal Vision". Terrific contrast between the eternal and the ephemeral.
tompur the wound and the bandaid?
  echo ;o)
Surd New media poses new or at least disguised elements and new or disguised relations between them.
  tompur sorry . . . throwing out too many metaphors
billseye joseph, don't know if i would phrase it in terms of "doing good for poets" -- maybe trying to do good for poetry -- but i started Paper Brain with the intention of publishing work that seemed to me like it should be read and doing what i could to get it out there
[12:56] echo but how can the work be seperated from the poet?
echo naive question # 1
  disgruntled I'm interested in the unspoken connections between small press movement of the 70s-80s & what I feel is a rematerialization of the same energy on the net
  disgruntled now in the last few years.
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Surd Hi Claire.
  echo hi Claire!
  tompur yo claire
Djuna hello!
[12:57] reiner hello claire
  billseye hardly naive! -- miekal, i'm always interested in what you have to say about that, on Poetics and elsewhere
  tompur more estrogen is good
  Djuna lol!
tompur ;-)
  billseye hello Claire -- btw, "zazil" is Mayan for "clear" ;)
[12:58] tompur ahhhh . . . I was going to ask about that too
  jfk bill, to quote george oppen: "Obssessed, bewildered//By the shipwreck/Of the singular//We have chosen the meaning/Of being numerous" Is doing good for poetry possible? How?
Djuna and how is our welcome guest?
disgruntled how do you answer yr own question joe?
[12:59] disgruntled I have difficulties getting past knowing what is good or bad
  jfk by my life
disgruntled you mean by the actions of yr life?

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