14:30 - 15:00
[14:30] mIEKAL & too many compatibility problems.
[14:30] mIEKAL the drift Im getting to
[14:30] mIEKAL is this notion of avatars that weve been discussing with alan at trace online
[14:31] echo you want to clone yourself electronically
[14:31] Surd The sites are avatars of sorts.
[14:31] echo into a digital being
[14:31] echo that lives
[14:31] mIEKAL I create a representation of all of my work that becomes encoded into an online being when anyone will be able
[14:31] echo digitally
[14:31] mIEKAL to interact with
[14:31] mIEKAL I can teach it to speak, play music, animation
[14:31] mIEKAL speak in neologisms or any language
[14:32] mIEKAL etc....a simulation
[14:32] mIEKAL & then that it could occupy space in internet that wasnt on any server, just in the wires, so to speak.
[14:32] mIEKAL were in sci fi land now,
[14:33] mIEKAL but maybe these thots arent so far fetched.
[14:33] Surd Like the pornomorphs.
[14:33] echo they arent, did you get the bot software/
[14:33] mIEKAL but in a realm that is decidedly different than books.
[14:33] echo yes, the pornomorphs
[14:33] *[brick] has to go, folks. twas a pleasure miekal, all.
[14:34] Surd Thanks, Dan.
[14:34] echo bye, dan!
[14:34] ***[brick] has left #defib
[14:34] mIEKAL reiner youve been awfully quiet
[14:34] mIEKAL bye dan
[14:35] echo yeah, re, whats up? :o)
[14:35] reiner oh --- i am tired --- it is midnight here --- i have to go soon
[14:35] reiner and do not want to become an avatar :)
[14:35] mIEKAL well maybe we should call it
[14:35] mIEKAL & how will your works live after you die?
[14:36] echo do they need to?
[14:36] reiner ??? is not important (for now)
[14:36] reiner i think when we get it to spread ideas
[14:36] echo some are writ in stone, some are writ in the wind
[14:36] reiner there will be a way for it ... i do not need an archive
[14:37] mIEKAL my feeling is so very different
[14:37] mIEKAL because I feel that my work is little understood....
[14:37] mIEKAL I feel like the russian futurists must have felt in czarist russia
[14:37] mIEKAL in 1910
[14:38] reiner difficult question ---- not too many are looking
[14:38] Surd Finally, it is out of our hands, but we have some responsibility toward our own work and its future.
[14:38] Surd Which is a responsibility not just for our work, but for what it represents, and each other.
[14:38] mIEKAL Ive always considered myself a cultureworker.... obliged in someways.
[14:39] reiner responsibility - we for our work :) ---- it is the responsibility of the future generation
[14:39] echo backwards to me jim
[14:39] ***michy has joined #defib
[14:39] mIEKAL but if my work doesnt exist in 50 years, how will someone in 500 access it?
[14:39] michy hello all
[14:39] mIEKAL hi michy, who might you be?
[14:39] echo responsible for each other, recognition, then works
[14:40] echo hi
[14:40] reiner i think -what makes it very difficult is that our work
[14:40] echo is us
[14:40] reiner today is 'hightech' but
[14:40] reiner no more in half a year
[14:40] reiner therefore i always thought to make
[14:41] reiner classics - like the silent movies :))
[14:41] Surd It is well and good that the future decide the fate of the work, but right now we should do what we can.
[14:41] reiner and there is still a lack in comparison to other art-form
[14:41] echo oh...re..send me the size rolodex cards you want..ok? will ship to you
[14:41] ***michy has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited.)
[14:41] echo sorry, just remembered that
[14:42] reiner will send a mail :) thanks :)
[14:42] echo you bet.
[14:42] echo :o)
[14:42] reiner i just came from the theatre :)
[14:42] echo live?
[14:42] reiner sure
[14:43] ***defmase has joined #defib
[14:43] mIEKAL perhaps I am just being grandiose with these thots, but I am ok with that as well.
[14:43] echo hello
[14:43] echo no
[14:44] echo your ideas are interesting
[14:44] Surd I think that to acknowledge that we have a responsibility to our own work and to the work of others is not grandiose.
[14:44] mIEKAL all I know is that when I imagine my audience, mostly they havent been born yet.
[14:44] reiner :)
[14:44] mIEKAL Im speaking more about uploading my life & work to an avatar as a grandiose concept.
[14:45] reiner there still is an audience ...
[14:45] Surd Well the sites already are that, in a sense.
[14:45] reiner but the most can not handle the simplest onmouseover effects
[14:45] echo life is grand, miekal
[14:45] mIEKAL right, but my work has to survive long enough for that audience to exist.
[14:45] Surd Like Leaves of Grass...
[14:46] reiner what is about of a school Miekal And (like in former art styles)
[14:46] mIEKAL like emily dickinson.
[14:46] reiner you will be copied
[14:46] reiner and therefore the work will live :))
[14:46] mIEKAL kill me now.
[14:46] mIEKAL being copied is not an interest.
[14:47] mIEKAL unless it was an act of pure plagiarism & they took credit for it.
[14:47] mIEKAL or if something was hacked.
[14:47] reiner every artist - wellknown artist - will be copied
[14:47] Surd Joseph Kosuth speculated that if his work survives in any sense, it will not be the objects themselves but the approaches and philosophy.
[14:47] mIEKAL well that is the real point, isnt it.
[14:48] reiner that is fine
[14:48] echo thats where we live
[14:48] mIEKAL a grounds for the processes to live on
[14:48] Surd yes
[14:49] mIEKAL Id like to wrap up, Im starting to get distracted by real world things...
[14:49] Surd I was thinking the same.
[14:49] reiner i have to go to bed now
[14:49] echo yes, need to go
[14:49] Surd It's been a pleasure.
[14:49] reiner good night america :)
[14:49] Surd haha
[14:49] echo nite re
[14:49] mIEKAL likewise,
[14:49] Surd yes, pleasant dreams re
[14:49] reiner vice versa
[14:49] reiner cu ..............
[14:49] ***reiner has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited.)
[14:50] Surd Thanks, Beth.
[14:50] Surd Good to see you.
[14:50] mIEKAL jim, we'll be in touch, eh?
[14:50] Surd Yes
[14:50] mIEKAL night beth, jim
[15:40] ***Surd has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited.)
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