12:30 - 13:00
[12:30] PbN color is subjective, tho -
[12:30] Surd Beth is here right now, Surd=Beth Garrison now
[12:30] Mike or discuss them
[12:30] Jim_R Color also means front-to-back. The eyes focus different colors at slightly different distances.
[12:30] Loss Inna and PbN, how does color relate to the field project?
[12:30] Surd hey interesting conversation going on
[12:30] PbN color as distance = color in space
[12:30] tombell is red anger or love?
[12:30] Loss But M, they do basically stay in place once constructed, right?
[12:31] Surd This is beth just stopped by to rattle jims cage...:o)
[12:31] Loss Or M, do you mean construct in the sense of what order they're viewed in?
[12:31] Mike yes and no, L. Where are they?
[12:31] Jim_R No, Loss, they don't! They can "flash".
[12:31] PbN field - color is a word - field is a word
[12:31] Mike They stay the same, but are they in "place"?
[12:31] tombell colors don't exist 'out there'?
[12:31] PbN or maybe they are concepts open to discussion, as here
[12:31] ***Inna has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer.)
[12:31] PbN color is an idea, as field
[12:32] Loss J, what do you mean they can "flash"?
[12:32] Jim_R Seem to move back and forth.
[12:32] Loss Using which technology?
[12:33] Loss Or, in relation to which technology?
[12:33] ***Inna has joined #Defib
[12:33] Surd our minds?
[12:33] Jim_R Just with ordinary color displays, depending on the background.
[12:33] PbN a mind field
[12:33] Mike Color is kind of a weird concept on the web considering they can't be determined by the writer
[12:34] Jim_R PbN, just to be devil's advocate, what about making all the words the same color so they *don't* "separate"?
[12:34] Loss & considering that different monitors display different hues etc.
[12:34] PbN Jim, ok by me
[12:34] Mike that, loss
[12:34] Surd nice to read you all, headed to the airport, see ya...! Surd + Jim again
[12:34] Mike by jim
[12:34] Inna by jim
[12:34] tombell bye jim
[12:35] PbN buy me something at the shop Jim
[12:35] Jim_R No, Jim's not leaving ...
[12:35] Mike bye beth
[12:35] PbN what about field as interface
[12:35] PbN way of access?
[12:35] Mike say more pbn
[12:36] Surd Surd=Jim now
[12:36] Jim_R What do you all have to say about the idea of field as *scope*? E.g. the scope of a link target.
[12:36] Pluto bbbb
[12:36] tombell pbn, bten reader and writer?
[12:36] PbN well, as an idea, I mean, could be anything
[12:37] Mike not sure what you mean by scope, jim
[12:37] Mike field of vision?
[12:37] Mike field of possibility?
[12:38] Inna field of field?
[12:38] Mike range?
[12:38] Surd Yes, Ted's background is as a visual artist, good that he would want to open up the notion of field beyond the text and into the other arts...
[12:38] Jim_R What is the extent of ___ -- fill in the blank with something like attention
[12:38] tombell is this defib chat a field?
[12:38] Inna I'm sure it is
[12:38] Jim_R Tom, no, it's an intricate *collection* of fields.
[12:38] Mike timefield
[12:39] Surd mindfield, I like that... 8-)
[12:39] tombell yeah, i like collection of weaving?
[12:39] Inna weaving what?
[12:39] tombell weavings in time and space?
[12:40] tombell threads
[12:40] PbN no t&s again !!! :)
[12:40] PbN threads -- cool
[12:40] Jim_R Of course Inna's got a point. I'm no physics expert, but methinks in physics 'field' is already a collective idea.
[12:40] Jim_R Ooh, thread is *awfully* linear ...
[12:41] Inna threads may be interwoven
[12:41] PbN true, I'm shooting from the hip here, not so much by way of defining
[12:41] Surd If the chat is a collection of fields, what is each field, Jim?
[12:41] [brick] or cut
[12:41] PbN anything as exploring possibility
[12:41] PbN The field idea is an interesting one
[12:42] PbN Not sure anyone has yet applied 'definition'
[12:42] PbN but it is good to look, ye?
[12:42] Surd "Is there depth or just more surfaces?"
[12:42] Jim_R Cut -- that's a great word. I've talked about bonding strength as the *resistance* to making an artificial cut.
[12:42] tombell can weaving have layers?
[12:42] Inna I'm trying to remember something from physics...
[12:43] Inna Different energies and big resistance create field?
[12:44] Mike field as moment of contact
[12:44] PbN energy
[12:44] ***Pluto has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer.)
[12:44] Jim_R I think we've got to avoid getting too hung up on topology. One of the neat things about this technology is that it lets you make the relationships you want *regardless* of topology.
[12:44] Surd Like now.
[12:44] ***Pablito has joined #Defib
[12:44] tombell do we want to integrate some of this in the project?
[12:44] Loss field also implies some exchange of energy between its components
[12:45] Jim_R Inna, that's interesting, I'd never thought of this as "differential energy". I have to think about that *a lot*!
[12:45] Mike yeah like in olson -- "instanter on another"
[12:45] Jim_R Loss, yes yes yes!
[12:45] PbN Loss, this is happening here and previously in the project
[12:45] tombell i think the 'project' generates energy?
[12:46] PbN or maybe the project ( process ) IS energy
[12:46] Inna And it is created by energy?
[12:46] Jim_R Resistance is an interesting concept. E.g. how would you indicate "resistance to a link" in hypertext?
[12:46] tombell process
[12:46] Mike Curious to hear what people think of keeping the "field" of this project open, ongoing...
[12:46] PbN Jim_R, break the link?
[12:46] Inna who is going to resist a link?
[12:47] Jim_R You don't always *have* to go somewhere, you can go nowhere.
[12:47] tombell mike, it should be ongoing but also should have a cutoff?
[12:48] Jim_R If "lexia" means anything, shouldn't it mean a place that makes you want to stay a while?
[12:48] tombell the project
[12:48] Mike that's what I'm curious to hear, or have phases?
[12:48] Inna When you go nowhere it means you go somewhere but by imagination
[12:48] Loss In terms of ongoing, you mean bigger, more interwoven - or added lexia.
[12:48] Mike I mean open-ended -- bringing in new elements say monthly or bi monthly or whatever
[12:48] tombell i think both, loss
[12:48] Loss How would phases work? Like start with new sets of lexia from time to time?
[12:48] Jim_R Inna, I think I like that if it means the reader is "in the same place" but "add things to it"?
[12:49] Pablito Como se dice "lexia" en Ingles?
[12:49] Loss Debemos decir "lexia" en cualquier idioma.
[12:49] Mike Or add new essays, allow new participants, write new links
[12:49] Inna Jim_R you mean add by imagination or what?
[12:49] Loss That would take some thinking ...
[12:49] Loss how to keep it open ...
[12:49] Jim_R Yes.
[12:50] Loss but ... what's the word
[12:50] Loss compact, crisp, fresh?
[12:50] Loss uncluttered?
[12:50] Jim_R Olson did say "instanter on", but what about things moving *inwards*, toward a center?
[12:50] Loss or maybe those aren't the words.
[12:50] Jim_R The word is a nut.
[12:50] tombell implode explode?
[12:51] Mike Center of what?
[12:51] Jim_R Ah, the center of that which moves in toward it!
[12:51] PbN :)
[12:51] Mike Well, phases may be interesting -- maybe call it field, but consider adding aspects
[12:52] ***^Nick has joined #Defib
[12:52] ***Loss has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer.)
[12:52] Mike this would be phase one, then move to two, call it time, or space, or lexia
[12:52] Inna In open project some people can write pieces of poetry and some comment them
[12:53] Mike Inna, I like this idea
[12:53] ^Nick Not sure how that would work technically
[12:53] Surd Perhaps the art of the Web will move toward a field of objects that can involve words but also could be images or other things... a field of multi-media objects with 'data' and 'methods'.
[12:53] ***^Nick is now known as Loss
[12:53] Mike In the Transcendental friend there is a section called mote where they add layers of "gloss",,,
[12:53] Jim_R Yes, absolutely. word *objects*!
[12:53] Mike or commentary each issue to the same poem, all inked and interconnected.
[12:54] Mike "linked" not inked
[12:54] Loss that's a nice model, mike
[12:54] Inna we can ask each other to link poetry and commentaries
[12:54] Loss because if it's ongoing then it's really a journal.
[12:54] Mike eso!!
[12:54] tombell we've seen a number f organizing concepts and ideas in the field project so future can be directions, not just one?
[12:54] Jim_R Right now, the Web is a pain because you can't insert link targets in pages you don't control.
[12:55] Inna What we can do?
[12:55] tombell how does the visual fit with a 'poem' in this idea?
[12:56] PbN Inna, we are doing it !
[12:56] Inna visual maybe a poem. why not?
[12:56] Inna poem doesn't mean words only...
[12:56] Jim_R tom, the 'word' doesn't have to be text in the technical sense, it can be graphics, in which case other visuals just enter naturally.
[12:57] Inna we speak with signs
[12:57] Loss right, both words and visuals are "objects" in this field
[12:57] tombell right
[12:57] PbN we think in symbols
[12:57] Inna and words are just kind of signs
[12:57] Surd An object can be a protean thing that now contains words, now images, now a form, now links to a database...
[12:57] tombell how about time in animations and in this journal?
[12:57] Inna symbol is a sign too
[12:57] Jim_R The word object *behaves* -- this is a real difference with print.
[12:57] Surd yes, Jim
[12:58] Surd Style, content, behavior.
[12:58] Mike just reading bergson....
[12:58] PbN Field of behaviour
[12:58] tombell the word didn't behave for the futurists?
[12:58] Surd baaaaaaaad behavior
[12:58] Mike "There is, first of all, the aggregate of images; and then, in the aggregate...
[12:58] Jim_R Tom, say more about the futurists
[12:58] Inna the word behave for futurists, exactly
[12:59] Mike ...there are "centers of action," from which the interesting images appear to be reflected
[12:59] Surd Tom, it always did. Now we think of the behavior more explicitly and somewhat differently, I think.
[12:59] Loss Jim, when you said "The word object *behaves* -- this is a real difference with print" how are these different?
[12:59] Surd For instance, it causes riots or treaties.

Dec 19/99
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