13:00 - 13:30
[13:00] tombell inna, they didn't stick with typography
[13:00] Loss I mean how do you mean "behave" in this comparison.
[13:00] Inna Tom you mean futurists?
[13:00] tombell yes
[13:00] Jim_R word objects *react* to the user. The text itself reacts. Or maybe even acts on its own.
[13:00] Inna I think they fought with typography as well as with language
[13:00] PbN loss, dynamic vs static, for example
[13:00] Jim_R the print word is completely passive
[13:01] Inna Jim_R, not always
[13:01] tombell also fought with meaning and senses?
[13:01] Mike Jim R, only static on the page, not the imagination
[13:01] PbN of course
[13:01] Inna Tom they wanted to create completely new sense
[13:02] Jim_R But lots of what we are doing with "new media" is only taking concepts that have existed for a long time and making them both explicit, (mechanistic) and *external*.
[13:02] Mike I mean passive too, I think. This happens so fast sometimes
[13:02] tombell i have to take my daughter to work. i hope we can continue this in emails or another irc chat?
[13:02] Surd On the web, behavior refers to the dynamic real-time response of the object to either mouse movement or maybe input from another site or whatever, whereas behavior of the printed word can be explored as say in language poetry via what words do to one another and to us when they are cut from their usual circumstances.
[13:02] Inna by tom?
[13:02] tombell bye, all. thanks
[13:02] Mike bye tom
[13:02] Jim_R Bye Tom
[13:03] Surd Thanks, Tom.
[13:03] PbN tom C U
[13:03] ***tombell has left #Defib
[13:04] Jim_R Jim, the kind of "behavior" you refer to vis-a-vis L=po is not excluded from new media, of course
[13:04] Surd no, I agree
[13:04] Inna On the web behavior also refers to sudden unexpected response
[13:05] PbN sudden unexpected response -- I love this
[13:05] Surd Like getting kicked out of the chat by the system for simply being!
[13:05] Inna exactly ;)
[13:05] Jim_R Michael Joyce talks about words that *yield*. I've always really liked that word.
[13:06] Surd yield?
[13:06] Inna yield to uncertainty
[13:06] Loss He doesn't mean literally yield does he?
[13:06] PbN field of yield?
[13:06] Inna Loss why not
[13:06] Jim_R He's talking about words that are link anchors and can be clicked.
[13:06] Surd that behave, that yield
[13:07] Jim_R Yield in the sense of yielding the space to a new lexia, like yielding the floor in debate
[13:07] [brick] or yielding more information
[13:07] Inna these words are points to another field...
[13:07] Loss Because I think he may have been speaking metaphorically, Inna.
[13:07] Jim_R Inna, yes, absolutely.
[13:08] Surd I like the idea of words yielding.
[13:08] Inna And, Loss?
[13:08] PbN I like Loss
[13:09] Surd usually punctuation is the traffic sign
[13:09] [brick] heh
[13:10] Mike a lull
[13:10] Jim_R Lots of great energies here, but where specifically does this take us for the field project?
[13:10] Surd hard to capture that in the transcript...
[13:10] Inna Are we going to make it open?
[13:10] ***luzia has joined #Defib
[13:10] Mike Good, Q. Are most people done linking and whatnot?
[13:11] Surd We still haven't really written toward one another much.
[13:11] PbN Jim_R, maybe it takes to nowhere, maybe it is the journey, the expenditure of creative energy getting there ?
[13:11] Surd This session is very strong that way.
[13:11] Jim_R I still need to put in links [he says, sheepishly ...]
[13:11] Surd Same here.
[13:11] Surd I'm wondering about the production of the hypertranscript...
[13:11] Mike No rush, but I would like this to be open-ended to some extent...
[13:12] Inna Jim_R, in my html the address about energy is
[13:12] Inna " ~minne/pfutur.html"
[13:12] Inna you asked about that...
[13:12] Loss I have to leave for a short while but I will return somewhat later and see if folks are here.
[13:12] Loss Saludos.
[13:12] ***luzia has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited.)
[13:12] Mike bye loss
[13:12] Surd Thanks, Loss.
[13:12] PbN C U Loss
[13:12] Pablito Hasta la proxima vez
[13:12] Inna By Loss
[13:13] Inna Hasta luego
[13:13] Surd I'm wondering how to proceed with producing the hypertranscript.
[13:13] Surd I'd like to open it to your input.
[13:13] Inna Sorry, I have to go
[13:13] Surd Open it to your editing it.
[13:13] Mike It could be part of the filed project -- maybe something simple, a link from the site to here
[13:13] Mike field
[13:13] Inna It is deep night in Moscow, bye all
[13:13] Surd Definitely
[13:14] Surd Thanks, Inna.
[13:14] Mike bye inna
[13:14] PbN Inna, a pleasure!
[13:14] Pablito I am sorry I missed the first 50 minutes. Somewhat ata loss.
[13:14] Jim_R Bye Inna, I have a question for you but I'll do it in E-mail.
[13:14] Inna see you all, buy
[13:14] Surd Thank you, Pablito. What is your full name?
[13:14] Pablito Paul Nelson
[13:14] Surd Ah!
[13:14] Surd Hello Paul!
[13:14] Pablito habla un pquito Espanol
[13:15] Surd Paul is here in Seattle as with me.
[13:15] Pablito Hi Surd. How bout a quick update/summary?
[13:15] Surd Yes, Mike, time precedes space.
[13:15] Surd O Lord...
[13:15] Pablito A beautiful mist here in N. Seattle. (15thNE & 130th)
[13:15] ***Inna has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer.)
[13:15] Mike Now that's a full circle, Jim
[13:15] Surd Yes, it is, time for closure?
[13:16] Surd Close while the closings good?
[13:16] Mike I think probably so -- we can continue on e-mail.
[13:16] Jim_R Sounds good to me, it does seem to be winding down ...
[13:16] Mike I'll be gone until the 26th, but have time to write and discuss more after that
[13:16] PbN So, is this last call
[13:17] Surd Well thank you all. We can continue with another Defib session... I will email about this.
[13:17] Mike have happy holidays all, and thanks to jim for putting this together
[13:17] Surd Feel free to use Defib.
[13:17] PbN Ok, round for my friends, and thank you Jim and all.
[13:17] Jim_R Yes, Jim this has been great, thanks!
[13:17] ***PbN has left #Defib
[13:17] Surd Thanks Ted, Jim, Loss, Mike, Pablito, Dan, all!
[13:18] ***Mike has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited.)
[13:20] ***Jim_R has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited.)
[13:20] ***Surd has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited.)
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