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[12:11] <Surd> Reiner, what are you doing in your work now?
[12:11] <reiner> hmmm .... there is one collab with some artists - e.g. annie and david :)
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[12:12] <reiner> called current
[12:12] <Surd> How's that going?
[12:12] <reiner> and another one ..... maybe for bristol
[12:12] <reiner> you can ask annie, david or (hello) ted too
[12:13] <reiner> :) it is in the first or second stage
[12:13] <Surd> OK... Annie, David, Ted...
[12:14] <reiner> current is a themed work .... we have collected ideas and parts
[12:14] <reiner> until now ..... but ..... we have time
[12:15] <David> reiner, is current part of a group of 'water" themed works that you've planned?
[12:15] <reiner> no .... :)
[12:15] <reiner> does it look like this
[12:15] <Surd> current => now, electricity, stream...
[12:15] <billseye> and not a drop to link...
[12:16] <reiner> current_ly
[12:16] <anniea> current can go every where_lie
[12:16] <David> find its own level...
[12:16] <reiner> ....... experience of collab :)
[12:16] <Surd> You're doing a lot of collaborative work
[12:17] <reiner> do you think in such a way
[12:17] <reiner> well i have done some in the last year
[12:17] <reiner> and some the years before
[12:17] <Surd> Is that as central to you as it is, say, to Miekal?
[12:17] <reiner> but inbetween i have to create some own :)
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[12:18] <reiner> it is in some kind part of the 're:' philosophy
[12:18] <Surd> Howso?
[12:18] <reiner> 'you are defined - or define yourself thru communication'
[12:18] <billseye> reiner, interesting response to your/christy's work on poetics -- a frustrated user review
[12:18] <billseye> did you read it?
[12:19] <tom> i missed the early part. is 'current' on line?
[12:19] <reiner> no - i do not know it
[12:19] <reiner> no current is secret :)
[12:19] <David> the review on poetics focused on machine problems, slow links and so on
[12:20] <reiner> well that is always a problem
[12:20] <billseye> user obsessed on intuitive leaps from "single" to "double-clicks" -- go to the archive -- it's funny, really
[12:20] <Surd> Interesting line 'you are defined - or define yourself thru communications'. Writing has become more interactive in such a way.
[12:21] <reiner> i think of it in a more general way
[12:21] <Surd> You mean not just as applied to writing?
[12:21] <reiner> being alone will be the opposite
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[12:21] <komninos> i wish i could think of an intelligent question
[12:22] <Surd> The opposite of what?
[12:22] <komninos> how's the family?
[12:22] <reiner> yes - i think without communication we would not exist
[12:22] <reiner> :) the family is fine
[12:22] <cinader> like the tree that didn't fall in the forest?
[12:22] <Surd> Right. No critter's an island.
[12:22] <komninos> true what's the use of talking to yourself?
[12:22] <David> by opposite, do you mean that collaboration will become the norm?
[12:23] <Deena> How do you see reader/writer collaboration?
[12:23] <reiner> -david -- no i do not think in such a way
[12:24] <billseye> collaboration is the norm, with interruptions of occasional individual efforts
[12:24] <billseye> well, sort of
[12:24] <Deena> How does collaboration differ from communication?
[12:24] <tom> I seem to be doing more and more writer/things read collaborations
[12:24] <reiner> i think it is important for every creative artist to do sometimes his own ....
[12:24] <reiner> .. but everything you do on the influence of others .... i think it is important
[12:24] <reiner> to remember this
[12:25] <tom> right
[12:25] <reiner> collab - comm
[12:25] <echo> collab=recognition
[12:25] <reiner> comm is the exchange of 'information'
[12:26] <David> collaboration always involves communication, but not the other way around.
[12:26] <reiner> coll = the creation in common
[12:26] <PbN> Deena, good Q -- seems to be missed -- could you elaborate ' reader/writer collab ' ?
[12:27] <reiner> i - by the hell
[12:27] <reiner> :)
[12:27] <Deena> Well, I came in a bit late, but it seems as though the collaboration is between writers to create a piece, and readers who must interpret the piece. THis has always been the case, but reiner's and others' writings seem to ask readers to piece together so
[12:27] <Deena> so much more.
[12:28] <billseye> reader assembly required...
[12:28] <Deena> so, the creation in communication is on everyone's part
[12:28] <reiner> but there is still a difference - or ?
[12:28] <reiner> if i walk in the forest
[12:28] <reiner> looking at nature
[12:28] <reiner> i can think about
[12:29] <reiner> am i creature of the nature
[12:29] <reiner> ..... i remember a similar idea
[12:29] <reiner> the things are created by my thoughts
[12:29] <reiner> but i do not think in such a way .....
[12:30] <komninos> everything is virtual until we communicate
[12:30] <reiner> that is right :)

Jan 16, 2000
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