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[13:31] <reiner> are very technical
[13:31] <reiner> e.g. online offline cad/cam
[13:31] <reiner> or web cams
[13:31] <reiner> would everyone be interested in the pictures of a web cam
[13:32] <Deena> We think about how the work will be presented. This then becomes an integral part of the work.
[13:32] <reiner> if it wouldn't be on the web :)
[13:32] <reiner> yes presentation - publication is .......
[13:32] <PbN> The medium really is the message
[13:32] <Surd> We may be coming round to the beginning, Reiner. You mentioned when we started about communication, the importance of that, the change that brings to writing.
[13:33] <komninos> d that's right now that thinking allows use of this medium for creation, exhibition, distribution, why think in a more limiting medium?
[13:33] <Surd> That web/net influence may be present in works that could be presented off the Web.
[13:33] <reiner> i think there are at least two important aspects
[13:33] <reiner> re:thinking communication
[13:34] <reiner> (also in real space)
[13:34] <reiner> and the influence of hypermedia
[13:34] <reiner> to general ways of thinking
[13:34] <anniea> and living
[13:34] <anniea> bye have to leave
[13:35] <anniea> thanks all
[13:35] <Surd> Thanks, Annie.
[13:35] <PbN> bye annie
[13:35] <reiner> (my kind of thinking has changed since i am on the web or working on it)
[13:35] <Deena> (P, speaking of the medium is the message, we will be doing the HT00 workshop in May --this time it is the message morphs the media
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[13:35] <reiner> ciao annie
[13:35] <PbN> Deena -- nice twist :)
[13:36] <Surd> Yes, me too, Reiner. More multi media but also doing a lot of writing that is participatory or interactive, dialectical like this and email on webartery.
[13:36] <Deena> (P--this is the fourth one. THe first one was the media morphs the message :)
[13:36] <PbN> Re, yes -- re-thinking comm and much else here...
[13:37] <Surd> Developing dialectical poetics of web art...
[13:37] <eric> how about 'weak blood', reiner? couldn't have been developed *off* the web. but it has been presented offline. any difference
[13:37] ***Barzini has joined #defib
[13:37] <eric> between the two frames?
[13:38] <Surd> Good question, Eric.
[13:38] <reiner> yes - weakblood- was a net action
[13:38] <reiner> presented offline too
[13:38] ***Barzini has left #defib
[13:38] <reiner> but it got much more viewers online
[13:39] <reiner> maybe a kind of art-media
[13:39] <Deena> And the interaction required e-mail, online collaboration
[13:39] <reiner> yes both of this
[13:40] <eric> and it generated commitment
[13:40] <David> and afterward we were all readers, rather than writer readers
[13:40] <Surd> Is the email part of the project?
[13:40] <reiner> part of the project ? yes ..... but not published
[13:40] <Deena> I was thinking more about the logistics--you couldn't reach all those people without e-mail
[13:40] <Surd> Right.
[13:41] <reiner> i think the beginning was significant
[13:41] <Surd> D: right, the frame of the Web is crucial to weak blood.
[13:41] <reiner> one page by me --- responses by e.g. MIEKAL
[13:41] <eric> even (or especially) for those of us who only 'read'
[13:41] <David> How was weak blood presented in museums? On a monitor as a loop?
[13:42] <reiner> and so on - the wr-eye-tings group has become the ground-group of the whole project
[13:43] <reiner> weak blood was presented on a monitor + a projector
[13:43] <David> was it hooked up live to the URL?
[13:43] <reiner> they made videos - i had no chance to look at until now
[13:43] <Surd> So it may be that you are right, Komninos, in saying that what will be judged important work will rely on the Web, but in a wide sense, not necessarily a literal sense.
[13:43] <reiner> it is on mo ....... got it last week
[13:43] <Surd> But who knows?...
[13:44] <eric> i wouldn't say that weak blood will be judged unimportant off the web...
[13:44] <PbN> only your hairdresser, J
[13:44] <reiner> d- no it wasn't (the japanese are not very high tech :))
[13:44] <Deena> And it is still on the web.
[13:44] <Surd> My hairdresser died many years ago, Ted... 8-)
[13:44] <David> The japanese are not very high tech!?
[13:45] <reiner> :) seems to be .... :)
[13:45] <reiner> but it maybe because of the language barrier
[13:46] <Surd> Are we winding down here?
[13:46] <reiner> does anyone have strong contacts to japan
[13:46] ***cinader has left #defib
[13:47] <Surd> Not I.
[13:47] <reiner> i think it is like here
[13:47] <David> Was it odd to see it on video, knowing that it was
[13:47] <reiner> the museums not all have internet sites
[13:47] <Deena> Yes, I worked there. but no electronic ties
[13:47] <reiner> or use it heavily
[13:47] <David> disconnected from the web? Sort of a representation of the real thing.
[13:48] <PbN> Ok, gotta burn on outta here -- been a slice hanging with you all -- Re: C U in the cyberstream -- All best!
[13:48] <Surd> Thanks, Ted.
[13:48] <Surd> Ciaou.
[13:48] <reiner> all best ted
[13:48] ***PbN has left #defib
[13:48] <reiner> d- i havn't seen it until now .....
[13:49] <Deena> I gotta scoot too. This was great Reiner. Thanks!
[13:49] <reiner> but we have to remember that video art is just acepted as art :)
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[13:49] <reiner> thanks deena
[13:49] <reiner> su
[13:50] <Surd> Well, thank you Reiner, it's been a blast.
[13:50] <komninos> seeyalater, alligator, komninos, great chatting, this is better than email!
[13:50] <Surd> Thanks Komninos!
[13:50] <Surd> Thanks all, twas terrific.
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[13:50] <reiner> thank you - jim - chat is really better than e-mail - see u again
[13:51] <David> Good work, Reiner. Thanks, Jim. See you next time.
[13:51] <mIEKAL> yea, good to check in with everyone, sorry to be late.
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[13:51] <Surd> Here we go...
[13:51] <eric> same for me...
[13:51] <mIEKAL> I should b going too...
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