12:45 - 13:15
Komninos's Cyberpoetry
[12:46] <komninos> sure m,
[12:46] <cough> K. what software packages in particular do you encourage them to work with?
[12:46] <komninos> the cyberstudies major grew from our creative writing program
[12:47] <mikelleher> my pet phrase for the web, which I suppose speaks to a continuum, is "placeless place"
[12:47] <komninos> freeware
[12:47] <komninos> all freeware and as much freeware as they can get their hands on
[12:47] <cough> since I know of none, is there any place you recommend I go to find some?
[12:47] <komninos> www.tucows.com
[12:47] <Hiccup> cough. . .
[12:48] <cough> I'll try it, thanks
[12:48] <Surd> yes, tucows is great
[12:48] <aya> i have used 'cosmoworlds' in two vrml projects. unfortunately, the cosmoplayer plug-in is no longer available (i think...)
[12:48] <komninos> mikelleher i call cyberspace a metaphor for metaphor
[12:49] <mikelleher> yeah, you can't get away from levels...
[12:49] <mikelleher> of meaning...code...representation....
[12:49] <mikelleher> and there's this feeling of enormity....
[12:49] <komninos> yes it is, if you go to www.holo-x.com there is an alternate link to a site you can get the cosmoplayer from
[12:49] <Surd> also, you know, you can find pretty much all commercial packages available freely on the Web.
[12:49] <Hiccup> m &K: is one abstract, the other less so?
[12:50] <DavidKnoebel> aya, cosmo is back. Try www.cosmosoftware.com, or www.cai.com
[12:50] <komninos> www.cosmosoftware.com isn't up any more though
[12:50] <mIEKAL> those are the urls I want to know Jim
[12:50] <Surd> But you must troll through a cesspool to find them.
[12:50] <mikelleher> like it all exceeds whatever word/idea you might use to describe it
[12:51] <Hiccup> can't be conceptualized
[12:51] <Surd> search warez, crack, application name
[12:51] <komninos> sure if we could define it it wouldn't be interesting
[12:51] <aya> spazz3d was a great little tool, i had a beta version. great for ease of text style manipulation
[12:51] <mikelleher> hic -- maybe not, though I can at least as movement, though I don't really know what that means
[12:52] ***Mamun has joined #defib
[12:52] <DavidKnoebel> www.cosmosoftware.com is working; I just tried it.
[12:52] ***Mamun has left #defib
[12:52] <komninos> thanks david, do you know if they ever made the cosmoworlds software public as they said they would?
[12:53] <DavidKnoebel> not yet.
[12:53] <komninos> i love vrml
[12:53] <komninos> don't know why it slowed down
[12:53] <DavidKnoebel> maybe never. Got lost in the change of SGI-Platinum-CAI
[12:54] <Loss> doesn't vrml require a lot of programming?
[12:54] ***mIEKAL has left #defib
[12:54] <elizabeth> Good bye all, have to go, thanks.
[12:54] <mikelleher> got to go folks, ciao!
[12:54] <DavidKnoebel> If you have a package like spazz3d, its pretty easy
[12:54] ***elizabeth has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[12:54] <Surd> Thanks for coming, Mike.
[12:54] <komninos> active worlds and eduverse are interesting applications of vrml, 3d chartrooms where you can create your own space
[12:55] ***mikelleher has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[12:55] <aya> loss - cosmoworlds is pretty good software for vrml. i can't code in vrml, but have made 2 worlds.
[12:55] <DavidKnoebel> www.spazz3d.com As aya said, you can use it free for awhile
[12:55] <komninos> http://www.activeworlds.com/
[12:55] <aya> but vrml is not longer supported by SGI, xml is the next thing.
[12:56] <PbN> Well, great chat, folks, and Komninos, all best -- C U in the cyberstream...
[12:56] <DavidKnoebel> Shout and blaxxun make players that'll run VRML without a plugin
[12:56] ***PbN has left #defib
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[12:57] <komninos> looks like that about raps it up jim
[12:57] <komninos> my bed's looking good
[12:58] <DavidKnoebel> thanks, komninos
[12:58] <Surd> Thanks, Komninos!
[12:58] <komninos> thanks all
[12:58] <Surd> Yes.
[12:59] <Surd> Sweet dreams down under.
[12:59] <reiner> cu
[12:59] <Surd> Thanks, reiner.
[12:59] ***komninos has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited.)
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