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Komninos Konstantinos Zervos

Sunday February 6/2000, Noon Pacific Time (20:00 GMT),
6am Queensland time the next day down under at the same time in Komninos's home

Since 1985 i have been a professional performance poet, touring around australia performing at schools, literary festivals, and community groups. on one such tour of north western new south wales (what we call the outback) i began to make cyberpoetry on my mac powerbook 100 with 4meg of ram and a "huge" 40mb hard disk. i created lists of adjectives, nouns, verbs, adjectives, nouns, in a spreadsheet program and then used the random sort to create new combinations, like the exquisite corpse poems of the surrealiats. i also made my first text animation using five microsoft works 2 draw files, all of the word "fall" at different positions down a page, so when i ran it in slide show mode the word fall appeared to be falling down the page - very cliche!

i am teaching mostly these days, and writing my phd in english on "the performance of poetry in australia since 1945". i occassionally scribble a personal, diary entry type poem, but mainly i am thinking of creating for cyberspace these days. in cyberpoetry the only rule is poetry that can't be published in the print medium, that relies on the properties of the computer, the internet and the world wide web. .

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