13:30 - 13:59
[13:30] <jley> the body issue seems to be something many women address
[13:30] <gromala> Surd, what is SIGGRAPH, do you mean?
[13:30] <Surd> yes
[13:30] <cguertin> shelley jackson, diane greco...
[13:31] <cguertin> liz miller--all do interesting body work.
[13:31] <gromala> SIGGRAPH = perhaps the largest annual conference
[13:31] <gromala> on computer graphics
[13:31] <Djuna> that may be because in the mainstream it's the only identity' we really have - we're questioning that
[13:31] <jley> I was thinking that Claire
[13:31] <gromala> It's not an "art" conference, but involves computer scientists, animators, and so on.
[13:31] <jley> the woman/body objectified
[13:32] <cguertin> dismembered
[13:32] <jley> and claiming that and defining that for ourselves
[13:32] <gromala> I think it is important for the artists and humanities folks to have a presence there, because it is a critical place for the development of new technology.
[13:32] <jley> Diane's work has to do with the body as well
[13:32] <cguertin> rewriting it in our own vision?
[13:32] <Surd> A combination of art and other things? Academic? Both?
[13:32] <gromala> both
[13:33] <gromala> Sorry I spoke over everyone -- surd, we could have an offline chat later.
[13:33] <cguertin> continuing this blurring of boundaries we were talking about...
[13:33] <Surd> Like Hypertext 00?
[13:33] <Surd> k
[13:33] <gromala> Sure. And jley, yes, we have hypertext submissions, finally.
[13:33] ***talanM has joined #defib
[13:34] <cguertin> Diane, why do you say 'finally'? i've seen hypertext at siggraph before...
[13:34] ***GrandMaster has joined #defib
[13:35] *jley will brb
[13:35] <gromala> cguertin, yes there has been hypertext before, but it doesn't seem to have a regular presence. Anyway, here's the last plug for SIGGRAPH -- in addition for calling for hypertext, we'll have a special session on it (Bolter, Murray, Sengers, et.al), and have some great critical essays too.
[13:36] <cguertin> great news!
[13:36] <cguertin> is this a new recognition of the form or a shift in focus?
[13:36] <Djuna> is the deadline still open/
[13:36] <Djuna> ?
[13:36] <gromala> djuna,
[13:36] <jley> how wonderful !!
[13:37] <gromala> no, the deadline has passed, but maybe you should email me anyway
[13:37] <Djuna> I will. Thanks!
[13:37] <Surd> Well it seems like we're winding down, Jen, unless there was other stuff you wanted to bring up?
[13:38] <jley> btw ... Judy Malloy's forum, Gender and Identity in New Media
[13:38] <jley> has reopened ...
[13:38] <talanM> i'm always showing up when it's over

Mise en Place: Hypersensual Textility and Poly-vocal Narration by Talan Memmott
[13:38] <jley> there's a link at her interview ...
[13:38] <Djuna> :(
[13:39] <jley> so that could be a way for women to stay in touch with what we are all doing
[13:39] <Djuna> indeed
[13:39] <jley> if strategizing needs to be done, re: reviews, etc
[13:39] <cguertin> i would encourage you all to visit judy's forum.
[13:39] <jley> thanks Carolyn
[13:39] <cguertin> this is just the beginning of a dialogue, is it not?
[13:39] <cguertin> not the end?
[13:39] <Djuna> i shall
[13:39] <jley> I think so
[13:40] <cguertin> perhaps we should do this on a regular basis?
[13:40] <Surd> Well you're more than welcome to use Defib.
[13:40] <jley> ooops the hijacking of defib ;)
[13:40] <jley> let one woman in and ....
[13:40] <Djuna> ;)
[13:40] <Loss> In terms of promotion, I would offer the EPC.
[13:40] <Surd> It isn't used enough, actually.
[13:40] <Loss> We can highlight specific events or resources.
[13:40] <Djuna> we're very territorial ...
[13:40] <jley> that's very generous Loss
[13:41] <cguertin> can you tell us more about epc, loss?
[13:41] <jley> I know you have a huge audience
[13:41] <Loss> By the way we were just written up in USA Today!
[13:41] <Loss> Yes we have 9 million users a year.
[13:41] <cguertin> kookamunga.
[13:41] <Djuna> congrats loss!
[13:41] <Loss> When we make a feature we usually get around 20,000 people to look at new stuff.
[13:41] <Loss> Thanks. It was nice.
[13:42] <Surd> You know, Loss, what you and Charles have done with EPC is really inspirational.
[13:42] <Loss> So perhaps I could coordinate with someone when there are projects that we want to get the word out about.
[13:42] <jley> Was SUNY the first university to really concentrate on Digital Poetics Loss?
[13:42] <Loss> Thanks, Jim.
[13:42] <Loss> Yes, J.
[13:42] <jley> It shows ... the site has such depth
[13:43] <cguertin> it's an amazing resource.
[13:43] <Loss> Thanks. The great thing is that we've been successful at getting work out there. Our goal!
[13:43] <Djuna> to say the least!
[13:43] <Surd> How do you view EPC. Content and Conduit? One more than the other?
[13:43] <Loss> I would say both equally.
[13:43] <Loss> Though I must say, if any work is in danger of being lost.
[13:43] <Surd> The notion of the conduit is an interesting one.
[13:43] <Loss> We can offer a solid archive.
[13:43] <jley> that's tremendously important ...
[13:44] <jley> I know alot of the earlier zines are running into archiving issues
[13:44] <cguertin> ...that addresses one of the problems of these virtual dealings
[13:44] <Loss> It was partly how we started...
[13:44] <Loss> Zines were emerging then disappearing!
[13:44] <talanM> i keep each issue of the Hive on a separate CD
[13:44] <Surd> A hub through which people and discussion and ideas and projects flow...
[13:44] <Loss> That's a good idea Talan.
[13:44] <talanM> as well as the current browse at the time of the issue
[13:45] <Djuna> i don't know how to do that (yet ...)
[13:45] *jley thanks her lucky stars for her anonymous storage benefactor
[13:45] <Surd> Do you see the conduit aspect as part of the art of the Web, Loss?
[13:46] <Loss> Yes. We should value our connections.
[13:46] <Surd> yes
[13:46] <Loss> Jennifer, what kind of server do you have?
[13:46] <jley> the domain Loss?
[13:46] <Loss> No, I mean how are you hosted? Through a private company?
[13:47] <jley> A private company hosts the domain
[13:47] <Loss> Your work is so great.
[13:47] <jley> major blush
[13:47] <Surd> haha
[13:47] <gromala> Yes, your work does look great.
[13:47] <cguertin> i second that motion
[13:48] <Surd> me too!
[13:48] <Djuna> you deserve it
[13:48] <jley> my work is just all of our work ...
[13:48] <Djuna> that may be true, but your the conduit
[13:48] <talanM> meridian is / will make an incredible archive
[13:48] <cguertin> poor jen
[13:48] <jley> i think this is when i say thank you :)
[13:49] <Loss> Yes, thank you!
[13:49] <cguertin> being a conduit sounds painful, no matter how accurate.
[13:49] <Djuna> lol!
[13:49] <Loss> If anyone is near Buffalo, Jennifer is going to read here.
[13:49] <cguertin> what's the occasion?
[13:49] <Djuna> Really?! I'm quite far tho -
[13:49] <jley> with miekal ... and Karen ... how do spell her last name, Loss?
[13:49] <talanM> is e-publisher always a conduit
[13:50] <Loss> Weds., Apr. 5, 4pm
[13:50] <Loss> Karen Alkalay-Gut
[13:50] <jley> ah yes :)
[13:50] <Loss> And Miekal and Jennifer will give a talk,
[13:50] <Loss> Weds. Apr. 5, 12:30pm
[13:50] <Surd> What on?
[13:51] <Loss> "Making Digital Writing"
[13:51] <Loss> generally, more or less!
[13:51] <cguertin> i like this concept of the 'making' of words/images/text
[13:52] <jley> you can see that in your Skeleton Sky Carolyn
[13:52] <cguertin> how so?
[13:52] <jley> oh no I have to explain??
[13:52] <cguertin> heh
[13:53] <cguertin> it's your lecture.
[13:53] <talanM> transliteration between representational contexts...
[13:53] <jley> I was thinking about the interface you set up
[13:53] ***GrandMaster has quit IRC (Kill by Laser!laser@***.ram-page.com (Bad Language))
[13:53] <jley> yes but I'm still working on the draft Carolyn ... hehe
[13:53] <cguertin> go on, talan, my publisher.
[13:54] <talanM> there is an apparent modulation between the colors, the words, the repeated image
[13:54] <cguertin> echoes, do you mean? or resonance?
[13:55] <Djuna> brb
[13:55] <talanM> resonance in the reverb sense... a phasing that was obvious to me
[13:55] <talanM> in working with it
[13:55] <Surd> What is the URL?
[13:56] <Surd> brb body
[13:56] <talanM> ---- current issue of BeeHive.
[13:56] <cguertin> i tried to interweave the words and the images. can images have ph(r)asing? i hope so.
[13:56] <cguertin> Skeleton Sky

[13:57] <jley> ack ... it's 5 oclock ... I think I'm turning into a pumpkin
[13:57] <talanM> it happens... as well, the sizing of the wheel image, the resizing sets up something of a modulation
[13:58] <cguertin> a spinning?
[13:58] <Loss> Good-bye all. Did you get my e-mail, Jennifer?
[13:58] <jley> yes I did Loss
[13:58] <talanM> yes, C.
[13:58] <jley> tried to message back don't think it worked
[13:58] <Loss> Thank you, Jennifer.
[13:58] <jley> I'll write
[13:58] <Surd> Thanks, everyone.
[13:58] <Loss> Good.
[13:58] <Loss> And thanks, Jim.
[13:58] <jley> thank you all for being part of this ...
[13:58] <Loss> This will be a great transcript!
[13:58] <jley> and Jim for everything
[13:58] <cguertin> thanks for hosting us
[13:58] <gromala> jley, thanks for everything!
[13:58] <cguertin> and for leading us
[13:58] <Loss> Bye!
[13:58] <Surd> And congratulations, Jen.
[13:58] ***Loss has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[13:58] <gromala> bye!
[13:59] <jley> bye all :)
[13:59] ***gromala has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[13:59] <talanM> bye Jen
[13:59] <jley> huge female hugs into the bargain
[13:59] ***jley has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
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