<Surd> What I'm asking is if the digital, Web reference in them would be appropriate... guess it would depend on whether the poets had such involvement? Or not?
<Jack2> and back to e-texts, i'll very soon need to have wonderful stuff for the e part of faux, ok all?
<Surd> So you're imagining a web part that does web art and other stuff and then a print part?
<Jack2> I think of the covers as proposals, and maybe parts of them, not necessarily the webby parts, could be cropped for covers
<Jack2> for example the thumbnails in some respects are nicer than the whole graphic??
<Guest5> format? graphics, color? jack
<Jack2> Lots of questions, I'll catch up
<Surd> I guess that would depend on the capabilities of print on demand.
<Jack2> for the e -- i'm open to what people can do on the web, tho still fixated on text
<smylie> nimble manufacture?
<Jack2> no numbers are human beings
<Jack2> nimble in that it's on-demand??
<PbN> Jack, just found the rutabaga of 2 -- thank you so much! :)
<Jack2> oh, forget about it
<smylie> that's what they call it - on demand manufacture
<Jack2> that is it then
<smylie> the robot presses can switch quickly
<Surd> No humans are paper either.
<Jack2> are there any examples of good if not great printing on-demand?
<Surd> Don't know.
<Jack2> if paper is red, it is colored
<Jack2> colo-red
<Jack2> coolio
<smylie> i like "artist's books" which are actually "manuscripts"
<Jack2> me too
<Surd> if paper is read, it is dear
<Jack2> but that way is tres cher
<Jack2> dear and cher
<Jack2> if the paper is red it thrown away
<Surd> unless it is glossy in which case it is put on the coffee table.
<Guest5> it's consumed
<smylie> rag paper
<Guest5> trashed
<Jack2> can the east village extend itself beyond text and the occasional video? should it?
<Guest5> eaten/
<Jack2> eat the east village, yes!
<Surd> If you want to, Jack.
<PbN> :)
<Jack2> always rapacious
<Jack2> do any of us belong to the rhizome list?
<Surd> So you wish to faithful to the word but fool around on the side?
<PbN> yes, rhizome -- good
<Jack2> fooling around is a faith
<Surd> Yes, I am on it and nettime.
<Jack2> rhizome -- i'll have to join soon
<Dirk> yes -- lots of noise to the signal
<Surd> haha, well put
<Jack2> I'm reading a text that says there never was a space without material objects
<Surd> just so
<Surd> so?
<Jack2> no one has a private language
<PbN> everyone has a major word
<Surd> well it would not be much of a language were it totally private.
<Jack2> why do I like shattered, split and deformed language and stylistic reactions?
<smylie> a cd label press appeared on my old oak desk i am looking at it thinking - has it come to this?
<Jack2> I like cd economies
<smylie> it might be a launcher with that big spring - boing - a new distribution
<Dirk> i like shattered etc. language because it always surprises me
<Jack2> the products may be boring but the potentials are senior high
<Surd> Of what?
<PbN> it grows in (sometimes) new and unexpected ways -- revealing ?
<Jack2> if you're expecting the shattered, etc., how can you be surprised? I ask myself as well as dirk
<Guest5> artaud's language was private but my language is pretty shattered when i write
<Jack2> growing unexpectedly, that's the rhizome metaphor
<Surd> Watch it, you may be shattered if you expect to be surprised.
<Jack2> rhizome as moniker is a deconstructionist cliche, of course
<Guest5> i'd like to shatter what is and make a new language
<Dirk> i don't always know how the language will end up being shattered -- what the result will be
<PbN> you _do_ Tom!
<Jack2> I repeat, no man is taller than himself
<Guest5> thanks :)
<PbN> nor smaller, Jack
<Jack2> which direction are you pointed in?
<Guest5> who, jack? i'm lost
<PbN> east
<Jack2> muds are a toy cosmology
<Surd> But we are other than ourselves, somewhat, mediated.
<Guest5> but lost isn't bad necessarily
<PbN> :)
<Jack2> sorry for the confusion guest, et al, this is cool, each entry is about 5 seconds late
<Surd> Regardless of print or Web.
<PbN> the dynamic here is ... shattering
<Jack2> all that's left is swordplay and romance
<Guest5> wordplay and glamor?
<Jack2> maybe it's time to literalize the medieval
<Jack2> any extropians among us?
<Surd> It is a leaping form of dialectical poetics, performative...
<Guest5> time and the past and craft and soul?
<Jack2> creating 'strange' new possibilities
<Surd> What's an extropian?
<Surd> ah
<Jack2> someone who forsees uploading his brain to a machine
<Surd> Yes!
<Guest5> i just got the message - welcome EMT, police, ...
<Jack2> the police are here?
<Guest5> on my defib page?
<Dirk> i'm still a tropian
<Surd> We download our brain to pencil... silent running soul devices, those pieces of paper blowing in the wind.
<Jack2> the opposite of extropian is entropian, you know, jello ten days old
<Jack2> of course i'm in the middle of en and ex
<Jack2> jello -) fresh)
<PbN> no loading ???
<Jack2> I'm holding my own
<Surd> Brain? Jello?
<Jack2> are there ways I can reconnect these topics to ..?
<Jack2> The empire state bldg?
<PbN> The Peter Ganick cover is gorgeous...
<Surd> eheha
<Jack2> Wow, I like it too, it's really he
<Guest5> or jump off the empire state bldg as point of departure?
<Surd> Do you read a lot of books of poetry, Jack?
<Jack2> I prefer to jump into the empire state
<PbN> smilie :)
<Jack2> I like reading poetry books because they are fast reads
<Jack2> I pride myself in reading fast
<Jack2> I write fast, so why not read that way?/
<Guest5> the speed that refreshes?
<PbN> yes, good skills, Jack
<Jack2> Talk to thanatos and eros about that
<Surd> Do you get what you need in the stores in Japan?
<Jack2> There are no stores anywhere that fulfill my needs
<PbN> :)
<Surd> Do you order abroad for these?
<smylie> i am afraid to ask
<PbN> What are the green poems? They fill a need, yes?
<Jack2> sometimes, but I stock up when I get back to the states
<Dirk> jack, do you speak/read japanese?
<Jack2> the green poems like anything i do that i like happened without my knowing anything or almost anything about them
<PbN> of course

June 18/2000
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