<PbN> give em
<Jack2> pazaaazazz and chriszzma
<smylie> the 1,2,3
<Jack2> before breakfast
<Surd> cut loops and fruit
<PbN> pizza for breakfast
<Jack2> this is your navigating style/
<PbN> chicken for lunch
<smylie> cold pizza for breakfast
<Jack2> culture is hungry
<PbN> flow dynamic to shatter
<smylie> shatner
<Jack2> this is a long introduction
<PbN> when do we start?
<smylie> presenting...
<smylie> the world renounced...
<Jack2> the abduction, part 3467
<smylie> the simulating sunbeam of happeniness...
<Surd> Jack Defibbed...
<PbN> yr cue, Jim
<smylie> that hero of stage screen and animated comedy
<Jack2> 1 percent of the universe's mass
<PbN> yikes!
<smylie> or less
<Surd> all here today at Defib
<smylie> more or less
<Jack2> truth as a modus of bankruptcy
<smylie> modus modus modus
<Jack2> can you send me more money, darling?
<Surd> bankruptcy as a means to truth
<smylie> all you hear these days is modus
<smylie> what is... modus???
<Jack2> I like the copy function
<Jack2> I like the copy function
<Jack2> I like the copy function
<smylie> you like everything
<Jack2> White Queen to Alice, find me a hungry functionary
<Surd> being fed ham and lettuce sandwiches two at a time
<smylie> on with his head
<Jack2> my modus is activated
<smylie> with operendi
<smylie> andy
<Dirk> better activated than moogy
<PbN> I like the lettuce sandwiches
<PbN> I like the lettuce sandwiches
<Jack2> stars, galaxies, independence!
<PbN> I like the lettuce sandwiches
<Surd> she knocked on the door
<Jack2> watch your language, please
<Dirk> she came in through the bathroom window
<PbN> elanore pigmy
<Jack2> why knock when you can intrude?
<Surd> which way to Japan?
<smylie> either way
<Jack2> watch for the latest docudrama
<PbN> need a quik pigmy up? try new chicken
<Jack2> media corroborate cleavage
<PbN> nude chicken
<smylie> nnnnn need need need
<PbN> nude paper sermon
<PbN> new music
<Surd> eviscerations of the letter a
<smylie> in plastic
<Jack2> airtight denials, every word!
<smylie> nothing less than the best
<Surd> dining on Defib
<Surd> diner's guide
<smylie> with chicken comforters
<Jack2> I like the copy function
<Jack2> necessarily a paradox, that unmarked utility vehicle
<smylie> i'd like to know the copy function
<PbN> the ploice are not here?
<Jack2> air force or marine
<PbN> choice ploice
<PbN> they are not here?
<Surd> Fire Personnel please
<Dirk> every text editor should have a randomize function
<Jack2> shape, color, texture, that's the way i take my coffee
<smylie> FIRE
<Jack2> pour
<smylie> FIRE
<Jack2> conspire
<smylie> FIRE
<Surd> POLICE!
<Jack2> a final galactic cadillac
<smylie> interstellar luxury
<PbN> star spores
<Jack2> risible stars
<Surd> The police now drive cadillacs
<Jack2> what do salesmen of cadillacs police?
<PbN> s t r e t c h
<smylie> pol lease
<Jack2> running down pop freaks
<smylie> must go eat supper
<PbN> know of who? it is the nature of light to shatter the stable
<smylie> gaaaa....
*** smylie has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
<Surd> the american dream
<Jack2> we're tyring old smylie..
<Dirk> i have insommnia
<Surd> one down
<Jack2> data infection
<PbN> Barry wordsmith has cut his wrists
<Surd> they're dropping like flies
<Jack2> call in the technicians
<Jack2> let's be frank about communion wafers
<PbN> shatter the table -- I miss smilie Smylie
<Surd> let's waffle about pancakes
<Dirk> thinking about changing my nick to frank
<Jack2> I lament the loss of all smilies
<Dirk> or my frank to nick
<Jack2> great, then I can be dirk
<Surd> food for thought
<Jack2> franks
<Surd> a language sandwich
<Jack2> reprogram transmissions?
<Surd> discipline the text.
<Jack2> might we say two hours of this has had a purpose
<PbN> shatterameters
<Surd> (where is my whip?) POLICE
<Jack2> the whip is an axiom
<Surd> I feel confident we have already said that.
<Jack2> someone once asked me what entropy was
<Jack2> he collapsed
<Jack2> call in the spin doctors
<Surd> he came to a halt
<Jack2> penetrate and reprogram
<Surd> boot as in boot straps
<Jack2> rutabagas are inedible when red
<Surd> read
<PbN> Yub -- Jack, folks -- gonna roll on here -- been a slice -- thanks!
<Jack2> slicer
<Surd> Thanks Ted
<PbN> Jack, will always remember
<Jack2> I like the copy function
<Surd> Jack Slicer
<Jack2> yup
<PbN> all best
*** PbN has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
*** Dirk has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
*** Dirk has joined #defib
<Surd> Dirk you disappeared for a fraction of a second
<Jack2> dirk and surd -- hay dirk you're back!
<Dirk> got thrown out --
<Jack2> that must have been the police
<Jack2> insomnia is incurable
<Surd> Man overboard
<Jack2> I started out here at 5:00 am
<Jack2> it's 7:05, time to throw up
<Surd> You're a hero, Jack.
<Jack2> I'm a reckoner
<Surd> i reckon...
<Surd> Thanks a bunch
<Jack2> so dirk, how's it going?
<Dirk> looking for my wordsworth classics illustrated
<Surd> I've got to get out myself, I'm visiting my folks in Victoria
<Jack2> maybe we can talk about this from memories
<Surd> I will send you a transcript, Jack, and be in touch about production of the transcript
<Jack2> surd been great and thanks for the invite, and dirk, see you around, and don't believe in what you read especially that Wordsworth, ok?
<Surd> Thanks, Dirk.
<Dirk> never did.... guess i'll kick myself out now
<Jack2> sayonara
*** Jack2 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
<Surd> Over and out... been a slice and a splice
<Dirk> so long
*** Disconnected
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