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[12:04] <Jim> It's great to have you here Loss.
[12:05] <LossGlazier> Yes, thank you.
[12:05] <Jim> There's a couple of things I'm interested in hearing about initially
[12:05] <Jim> one is about your book 'Digital Poetics' and also I'd like to hear your take on EPC, what, as 'bridge' between poetics and media for poets... though you may have another take on it. Also, what are you doing now with your own work, which I admire greatly.
[12:12] <LossGlazier> We can start anywhere. How about the EPC?
[12:12] <Jim> Go for it
[12:13] <LossGlazier> Well, what I really hope to do is establish a base for digital poetry.
[12:13] <LossGlazier> But there's one sort of key to this and I wonder how people feel about this.
[12:13] <Jim> What's that key?
[12:13] <LossGlazier> That is, that I see a connection between innovative poetic practice
[12:13] <LossGlazier> and digital media poetries.
[12:13] <LossGlazier> I'm not sure if that's a general position.
[12:14] <Jim> What sort of connection?
[12:14] <mez> can we have e.gz of both innovative poetic pracs and dig media poetries loss?
[12:14] <LossGlazier> That the kinds of practices that inform innovative poetries are useful to digital practice.
[12:15] <LossGlazier> mez, that's a good question
[12:15] <Jim> I'd agree with that.
[12:15] <LossGlazier> because I see both to be involved in explorations of their respective media
[12:16] <LossGlazier> that is, innovative poetry, explores all angles of language
[12:16] <LossGlazier> not just how to create a scene with snow falling and a poor child gazing out the window, for example
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[12:16] <LossGlazier> but looks at the ins and outs of the language we are using
[12:16] <LossGlazier> through many means
[12:16] <LossGlazier> Interesting digital media practice would similarly
[12:17] <LossGlazier> investigate the possibilities of the medium

April 2, 2000
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