13:45 - 14:06
[13:45] <jley> so true
[13:45] <LossGlazier> So you let yourself be connected with that resistance
[13:46] <LossGlazier> kind of let the resonance of the material help inform the work
[13:46] <jley> ah yes, instead of fighting it
[13:46] <LossGlazier> Did you see my Bromeliad performance in Atlanta Jen?
[13:46] <jley> oh yes !!
[13:46] <Jim> yes, getting tangled up in the curtains.
[13:46] <LossGlazier> Great.
[13:46] <jley> I loved that piece ... and one reason was because I so liked the references
[13:47] <LossGlazier> I'm performing in London next month!
[13:47] <Drone> "connected with that resistance" - mmm, i like that - a key to life it sounds like to me --
[13:47] <LossGlazier> The Royal Festival Hall, no less!
[13:47] <jley> ooooo
[13:47] <jley> very exciting
[13:47] <Jim> cool
[13:47] <LossGlazier> Plus I have a reading in Madrid, on the way.
[13:47] <jley> will you read in Spanish there Loss?
[13:47] <LossGlazier> Yes i think that London venue is quite extraordinary!
[13:48] <LossGlazier> I read in Spanish at my last reading in Mexico City, J., but here
[13:48] <LossGlazier> since these are students interested in American Lit.
[13:48] <LossGlazier> prob. in English. (Tho coffee conversations will be en espanol I'd imagine.)
[13:49] <jley> mmm and the coffee too :) yum
[13:49] <jley> how wonderful to be able to travel like that
[13:49] <LossGlazier> which references did you mean in bromeliad?
[13:50] <jley> I think I was struck by how evocative the language was
[13:50] <jley> within the random patterning
[13:50] <Jim> I appreciate the way that you take the space of the page or the poem of more words than I use in my own work, Loss, you take the space of a print poem and do something else with it in this medium.
[13:50] <jley> so that meaning evolved because the words had so much resonance as subject for me
[13:50] <jley> not sure if you intended that
[13:51] <LossGlazier> yes i wanted the words to emerge as subject
[13:51] <jley> :)
[13:51] <LossGlazier> i really wanted it to be electronic poetry
[13:51] <LossGlazier> both electronic and poetry
[13:51] <jley> there is something so lush about tropical foliage ... so that lushness informed the digital presence for me
[13:52] <LossGlazier> yes jim thanks, even tho a lot of words i like to make them act like atoms, what i've learned from computing in a way
[13:52] <LossGlazier> interesting!
[13:52] <Jim> Yes, I understand.
[13:52] <LossGlazier> i tell that story about being under the most primitive circumstances in costa rica
[13:52] *jley likes that ... I just remembered a reference from a film to creativity as the 'dance of the hooked atoms'
[13:52] <LossGlazier> and it really did hit me as ... javascript!
[13:53] <Jim> Howso?
[13:53] <LossGlazier> I come from that tropical foliage and somehow that's why I'm so comfortable in the digital fold.
[13:53] <LossGlazier> Well Jim it was because I was in a room
[13:53] <LossGlazier> under very primitive circumstances
[13:53] <LossGlazier> and my thoughts fell into a pattern
[13:54] <jley> ahhhh
[13:54] <LossGlazier> and it was so primitive there were no competing problems, media, whatever
[13:54] <LossGlazier> that the pattern just seemed to want to be given life
[13:54] <LossGlazier> and it was as simple as a little script
[13:54] <Jim> ehehe
[13:55] <LossGlazier> so i saw the beauty of that script in the night sitting with the red tip of a volcano above me
[13:55] <Drone> charming sir ...
[13:55] <jley> so beautiful :)
[13:55] <LossGlazier> it was extraordinary.
[13:55] <Jim> Cool. Fundamental process?
[13:55] <LossGlazier> in the tree above the table where i wrote
[13:56] <LossGlazier> a hummingbird came every night and slept.
[13:56] <LossGlazier> just sat there on a twig all night!
[13:56] <Drone> denying the coldness/inhumanity the new media/um is often accused of
[13:56] *jley is remembering visuals in this presentation, yes??
[13:56] <LossGlazier> if not fundamental then at least basic
[13:56] <LossGlazier> yes, visuals
[13:57] <Jim> yes
[13:57] <LossGlazier> i also have a poem called "colibri" which is hummingbird in Spanish
[13:57] <jley> Claire you do that denying very well
[13:58] <LossGlazier> Jennifer, you are leaving Tuesday morning?
[13:58] <jley> I think we're going to get a jump on it tomorrow
[13:58] <jley> and get half way
[13:59] <LossGlazier> i usually do that
[13:59] *jley is thinking about the hummingbird ... did you use the hovering trope ??
[13:59] <Jim> It feels like we've reached the other side in the Defib raft
[13:59] <LossGlazier> it's been a nice journey
[13:59] <LossGlazier> some time we can talk about other aspects of my work
[13:59] <LossGlazier> i do love working in this medium
[14:00] *jley understands you all have been at it awhile
[14:00] <Jim> Yes, a bit of lightning but not too many waves chucking people off the raft.
[14:00] <LossGlazier> one big one though
[14:00] <jley> it's a fascinating medium ... so many different things to explore
[14:00] <LossGlazier> i'm doing a talk at a separate venue in London about how Spanish influences my understanding of code
[14:00] <LossGlazier> understanding of code
[14:01] <Jim> is that going to be on the Web also?
[14:01] *jley gives Claire a hug ... I'm thinking those fingers of hers must be all coded out
[14:02] <LossGlazier> I think some version will be. It will also become an article and a chapter in Digital Poetics II.
[14:02] <Jim> Yes, Claire, the new Cauldron is looking very good.
[14:02] <jley> aha already a II
[14:02] <LossGlazier> Yes i have some wonderful things for it!
[14:02] <jley> :)
[14:02] <LossGlazier> (Decided to make I more about the field in general ...
[14:03] <LossGlazier> and go into some specific issues in II.)
[14:03] <Jim> If there are any urls you'd like to send me to include in the transcript, Loss, that would be great.
[14:03] <LossGlazier> OK.
[14:03] <jley> Loss one thing I want to remember to talk to you about is the art/lit confluence
[14:03] *jley will sit on her hands now
[14:03] <LossGlazier> Yes, important.
[14:04] <LossGlazier> I'm interested in that.
[14:04] <jley> especially with the Whitney ... all the museums getting involved with what they call net art ... but it's lit too
[14:04] <Jim> Thanks very much, Loss, Claire, Jen, and all who participated.
[14:04] <LossGlazier> I'm going to see that exhibition.
[14:05] <Jim> OK, breakfast time for me, over and out folks.
[14:06] ***Disconnected
Session Close: Sun Apr 02 14:06:28 2000

April 2, 2000
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