14:00 - 14:30
[14:00] <cinader> certainly learning institutions could provide a lower traffic web
[14:01] <cinader> and make it accessable to large groups of people to collaborate
[14:01] <kheintz> Martha, we've got Radio Free Monterey plugged into a v-phone now, so they can stream from your home. Dial 'em on the v-phone, and they patch your audio & video straight into their webcaster.
[14:01] <cinader> you mean right now kurt?
[14:01] <Surd> What tech would I have to have to participate?
[14:02] <kheintz> Yes, Martha.
[14:02] <kheintz> To watch the webcast, you only need a RealVideo plug-in on your browser.
[14:02] <cinader> that would take me about ten minutes to set up
[14:02] <cinader> can people wait that long?
[14:02] <kheintz> TO feed it remotely, you'd have to set up your v-phone.
[14:02] <kheintz> Advance arrangements are helpful, though.
[14:02] <Surd> Is that just software?
[14:02] <cinader> yeah, sorry, it's right here next to me but not plugged in
[14:03] <cinader> have to find a couple cables too
[14:03] <kheintz> By "right now", I mean that you have the capability to stream immediately, but you have to work out the agreement for time/date with Radio Free Monterey.
[14:03] <cinader> keep talking
[14:03] <Surd> What is a v-phone?
[14:03] <cinader> ok, whew, thanks
[14:03] <cinader> maybe you should run that by us again
[14:03] <cinader> not sure i understand
[14:03] <kheintz> They (RFM) like to have about 2 weeks advance, but they're eager for the kind of programming you'd produce, Martha.
[14:03] <kheintz> They're big into e-media, literature, poetry, and such.
[14:04] <Surd> What is a v-phone?
[14:04] <cinader> ok i'll back channel you on that
[14:04] <cinader> kurt you answer that
[14:04] <kheintz> V-phone = videophone. Plug in: camera, microphone, audio amplifier, video monitor, telephone.
[14:04] <cinader> kurt sent me one a couple years ago
[14:04] <kheintz> V-phone: dial up partner, initiate call, Voila'! Pictures & sound over a common phone line.
[14:04] <cinader> not very expensive
[14:04] <kheintz> About $350-US.
[14:05] <cinader> plug into your sound system
[14:05] <kheintz> Cheaper than flying!
[14:05] <cinader> hook up projector
[14:05] <Surd> So it's not over the Web, right?
[14:05] <cinader> put on a show
[14:05] <cinader> no, but can be fed onto the web certainly
[14:05] <kheintz> Not directly over the web, no. But if you want to feed your performance over the web, you can connect to RFM (, and they can put it over the web as streaming RealVideo.
[14:06] <dirk> so like a slightly more sophisticated webcam -- sending files to a server
[14:06] <Surd> I have a microphone on my computer. So is all I need a video monitor, like a Web-cam?
[14:06] <cinader> oh, now i understand what you are saying
[14:06] <cinader> i have a box called via tv
[14:07] ***Chevy57 has joined #defib
[14:07] <kheintz> Sending encoded video to the server, Dirk... actually mixed in their studio so you have a two-way presence on the web, too. RFM run a simultaneous chat with their webcast, so the audience has feedback, live, during the program.
[14:07] <cinader> it has video and audio and telephone input and output
[14:07] <kheintz> Very portable.
[14:07] <cinader> but this is not the only technology i have been involved with
[14:08] <cinader> the ocean of know at is using something else over isdn lines
[14:08] <cinader> they've done experiments with tele-robotics in classrooms
[14:08] <cinader> and also sponsored some of my performances
[14:08] <Surd> I hear you talking about audience, but I also hear events involving only other poets as audience, typically?
[14:08] <cinader> to sweden and um...somewhere else i can't think of at the moment
[14:09] ***borus has joined #defib
[14:09] <borus> hi everibody
[14:09] <cinader> hello borus
[14:09] <reiner> hi ch57 and b
[14:10] ***borus is now known as Guest61464
[14:10] ***Guest61464 is now known as altavista
[14:10] ***altavista is now known as gbhz
[14:11] <gbhz> ok i stabilized my nick
[14:11] <reiner> sounds interesting what you have made ... but i have no real imagination :)
[14:12] <Surd> So the idea is to use the technology to involve others in hook ups of an intimate nature, take it to the schools, for instance, as you say...?
[14:12] <gbhz> what are you talking about?
[14:12] <Surd> listen and find out gbhz
[14:12] <cinader> yes i think so jim
[14:12] <gbhz> ok :)
[14:12] <cinader> it seems to me that the pc fits in too well with
[14:13] <cinader> the individualistic and egotistical view of life
[14:13] <cinader> which is often detrimental to the community as a whole
[14:13] <Surd> But you see my point about audience?
[14:13] <cinader> this is why i feel so strongly that we need to move beyond the models we
[14:13] <cinader> are working with now
[14:14] <cinader> i'm sorry which point about audience?
[14:14] <Surd> I hear you talking about audience, but I also hear events involving only other poets as audience, typically?
[14:14] <cinader> i don't think i said that
[14:14] <cinader> most of my events have been attended by quite a cross-section of people
[14:14] <kheintz> ... a side note: Martha's link-up with us for had a public audience in the gallery of over 120 people.
[14:15] <Surd> I mean these connections you describe are between two places, and typically the participants at both ends are poets and there doesn't seem to be archives of the events to stream over the Web.
[14:15] <cinader> ah...
[14:15] <cinader> well, one reason for putting cameras on the audience as well
[14:15] <cinader> on each audience
[14:16] <cinader> archiving would somehow be akin to the editing room
[14:16] <cinader> for a movie, i suppose
[14:16] <kheintz> Jim, the medium has a big bearing on the archival ability, too.
[14:16] <cinader> choosing camera angles etc
[14:16] <Surd> So the events would physically take place at public places, like poetry readings?
[14:16] <cinader> absolutely
[14:16] <Surd> That would be cool at a poetry reading.
[14:17] <kheintz> Not everyone is prepared to archive to .RM files as the events happen.
[14:17] <cinader> we should do one jim
[14:17] <Surd> Right.
[14:17] <kheintz> There's something to be said in favor of ephemera, too.
[14:17] <Surd> Well I'm game.
[14:17] <cinader> ephemera?
[14:17] <Surd> Yes, I hosted po readings in Victoria for a couple of years.
[14:17] <cinader> well let's do it then jim!
[14:17] <cinader> nest i'll have you on a mission of love
[14:17] <Surd> Most were not recorded... they went into the air and memory...
[14:18] <Surd> OK, Martha!
[14:18] <cinader> nest should have been next i think
[14:18] <Surd> haha
[14:18] <cinader> kurt, when i participated in your event
[14:18] <cinader> the last time
[14:18] <cinader> you also hooked up with another location later
[14:18] <kheintz> Sometimes the moment is sufficient unto itself. Recording or re-running can be redundant, or can only mimic the supposed "liveness".
[14:18] <Surd> I'm in Seattle, close to splab.
[14:18] <cinader> yes, kurt
[14:19] <Surd> True.
[14:19] <cinader> not only that but it is difficult to capture the spirit of a performance
[14:19] <cinader> on tape or video
[14:19] <kheintz> Jim can talk to Paul Nelson, and get wired into you.
[14:19] <cinader> yes
[14:19] <cinader> i would like to find a venue around here
[14:19] <cinader> and take about three months to do pr
[14:19] <cinader> and planning
[14:20] <Surd> Where are you, Martha?
[14:20] <cinader> i'm in vallejo
[14:20] <Surd> Southern California?
[14:20] <cinader> which is nestled between berkeley, oakland and sf
[14:20] <cinader> no northern
[14:20] <Surd> Cool.
[14:20] <kheintz> Oh, wow! You are sooo in the middle of things!
[14:20] <cinader> yes today it is raining
[14:20] <Surd> Visited Napa a while ago.
[14:20] <cinader> yeah, but away too
[14:20] <cinader> i'm liking the change
[14:21] <Surd> How many people in Vallejo?
[14:21] <cinader> ny had me feeling like a grey rat
[14:21] <gbhz> we made performances of this type on the net, using camera driven by authors/spectators
[14:21] <cinader> i think about 25,000? not sure
[14:21] <Surd> Welcome, gbhz. Who are you?
[14:21] <cinader> oh really gbhz, please elaborate, and where are you located?
[14:22] <gbhz> hmm, i'm in france
[14:22] <gbhz> and website is
[14:22] <Surd> Philippe?
[14:22] <gbhz>
[14:22] <gbhz> no not phil
[14:23] <gbhz> the performance was called df1 and then df2
[14:23] <Surd> Do tell...
[14:24] <kheintz> gbhz: what did you do, mainly?
[14:24] <gbhz> and the thing is that there are no authors/public in this kind of activity but a stream of competences
[14:25] <Surd> Was this something DOC(K)S was involved in too?
[14:26] <gbhz> what's DOC(K)S ?
[14:26] <Surd> Philippe Castellin and company.
[14:26] <gbhz> 4 the performance we mainly did the device
[14:26] <Surd> I remember him mentioning something like it.
[14:27] <cinader> the device?
[14:27] <Surd> Your site looks quite sophisticated in its conduits.
[14:27] <gbhz> great :)....the device yes...a table with objects moving with commands from the net
[14:28] <Surd> Yes, I don't understand what you were doing, gbhz, "using camera driven by authors/spectators". Could you elaborate?
[14:28] <Surd> Is it a matter of exploring your site to find out what you mean?
[14:28] <gbhz> people were invited to send commands via IRC to move a webcam
[14:29] <gbhz> and others commands via a web interface to move objects
[14:29] <cinader> oh i see
[14:29] <cinader> you're referring to my mention of tele-robotics
[14:29] <cinader> at ocean of know
[14:29] <gbhz> but nothing is automated, and trhere is a need of some people in order to run the 'device'
[14:29] <cinader> dan mcveigh had kids watering gardens
[14:29] <cinader> feeding fish
[14:29] <cinader> with robots
[14:30] <gbhz> great :)
[14:30] <cinader> that were operated by a joystick from the classroom
[14:30] <cinader> and seen on a television

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