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Martha Cinader

Sunday April 16/2000

Martha Cinader 's most recent book of poetry and fairytales is entitled When the Body Calls, on Harlem River Press. Her previous volume of poems and stories entitled Dreamscape won critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Festival, where she performed a two week run of stories from the book. Martha is the creator of Po'azz Yo'azz, a poetical musical ensemble which has performed in festivals and nightclubs in New York City and Europe. The first CD Living It is on Liquid Sound Lounge Records. Remixes from the album have also been released by Liquid Sound Lounge and made it on to compilations from CleanUp Records in the UK, Universal Music in France, and K-Tel here in America. Martha was a spoken word producer and host for WBAI/Pacifica Radio in New York for ten years. She now publishes and is the editor of PlanetAUTHORity.com, an ezine featuring audio and text poetry, stories, author interviews, music and book reviews, and a tarot column.