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<Surd> Hi Mezzie
* datahbleede boughz to jen & surd
<Surd> Surd curtsies to Mez and Jen
<datahbleeder> nearlee burnt out wiff the mezangelle the pazt week
<datahbleeder> k
* datahbleeder n-gage
* datahbleeder jim en-gage
* datahbleeder jim jen n-gage
<datahbleeder> az in ava.tar[n brush] switchin
<datahbleeder> like this:
* datahbleeder n-gage
* datahbleeder dis-N-gage
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* datahfacee N-gage
<datahfacee> geddit?
*** datahfacee is now known as datahbleede
<datahbleede> helloah
<datahbleede> a
<datahbleede> g
<datahbleede> a
<datahbleede> i
<datahbleede> n
<datahbleede> :)
<datahbleede> jim, realli realli loved "The Pen" btw
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* datahbleede n-gagez runran
<datahbleede> elloah r r
<runran> yo
<datahbleede> N u r...???
<Surd> Thanks, Mez
<Surd> Same pen i used to do the pornomorphs.
<datahbleede> no prob, made my day reading it surd
<datahbleede> yeah saw[e] that
<Surd> 'The pen' was the first of those.
<datahbleede> nice 2 c it morph in2 various guizez then:)
<Surd> the electric pen...
<Surd> i thought of your angels...
<datahbleede> realli?
<Surd> as with the pornomorphs, you're using some symmetry
<datahbleede> runran, yr aw.full.i quiet??
<datahbleede> shore....symmetry is bigge with me mostlee
<Surd> Who are you, runran?
<datahbleede> when eye'm usin m-magery, anywaze:)
<datahbleede> bit hard 2 get wurdz symm-metric.caul
<Surd> secret connection between your angels and the pornomorphs
<datahbleede> the symm? ore sumthing elze 2?
<Surd> the sym
* datahbleede luvs c.cretez
* datahbleede getz a dialogic pheel happenin....2 + 1 + 1 = ??
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<datahbleede> u still there runran??
* datahbleede echoz the sound ov rr
* datahbleede _____________________________
<datahbleede> ;)
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<datahbleede> ted!!
* datahbleede N-gagez PbN
<PbN> hello yo n lo
<datahbleede> PbN is - Poem by Nari
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<datahbleede> ewe on irc 2?
<PbN> yes
<PbN> recording...
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* datahbleede N-gagez jen
<jley> hi all :))
<PbN> Hi Jen
<PbN> IRC: (7000) #defib (works with mIRC, Jen)
<datahbleede> -
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<datahbleede> -
<datahbleede> that's the other jenn??
<PbN> Yo Jim
* datahbleede flippez herself in2 warmth mode
<jley> that topic is funny ... seems some EMT's have been using the room as a literal defib
* datahbleede actiff8z her heat glande
<Surd> It'll be interesting to combine the chat today with the email exchanged on webartery about your work.
* datahbleede tries 2 jump but has T in her hand...cood gette mezzie;)
<datahbleede> shore...
<datahbleede> got a phew thingz kneed sayin about translations n zound actualli...
* jley is all earz
*** brianL has joined #defib
<jley> hi brian :)
<datahbleede> well, aftah yr pozting jim about howe sound is evident in my wurk, itte got me thinkin about my current use/kneed 4 tranzlations....
<datahbleede> heya bri!
<brianL> allo
* datahbleede N-gagez brianL
* brianL fallz on flr
<PbN> :)
<Surd> translations from what to what?
* datahbleede flicks bri in2 wurdshape
* brianL slowly revz up
<jley> have you ever sounded your works mez ... as a performance?
<datahbleede> when i mezangelle ah piece/passage/tract, i normalli don'tte bother 2 tranzlate...
<datahbleede> some sounde, used to read mi stuff jen b4 mezangelle took ova...
<datahbleede> butte nowe i am tranzlatin like a mutha, and itte seemz 2 b necessari...
<PbN> do tell...
<jley> because of the discussion on webart?
<datahbleede> i think it may have 2 du with that turnin 2wards the n-clusion ov the sound pat.turnz in2 lingual patterns that develop in the mezangelled strands...
<datahbleede> mite do ted, knott shore realli, but the lilt ov the wurdz seems 2 b coming back[n front n sidewaze]
*** brianL is now known as re_workinpr
<Surd> still, i don't get the translation, Mez. Translating what to what?
* datahbleede N-gagez re_wurkinPR
<re_workinpr> sorry hardware probs here, back soon
<datahbleede> tranzlating fromme the origin.all tract 2 a mezangelled vurssion, then back 2 goode o' pleine eng-Lizh...
<jley> when you do the translation tho ... you relimit it back to one interpretation, no??
<PbN> yes, u've done several trans recent at
<datahbleede> i think n-T-gratin the 2 [both the mezangelling N the sub-c-quent translated vurss] seems 2 b creeping in2 mi wurk mentalitee...
<PbN> the trans are fascinating to see -- like looking into yr mind, M
<jley> yes I enjoyed the translations as well ...
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<PbN> hey re
<datahbleede> well, that's the thinge jenn....i ^have^ been doinge that, but i have alzo started to send copiez of different slanted tranz 2 the mailing lizts i [oo]uze as playgroundez...
* datahbleede N-gagez reiner
<re_workinpr> seems like the trans in whatever direction doesn't transpose exactly
<jley> ahhhhhhha
<re_workinpr> code to code as much as it changes recursively
* jley would really like to hear the mezangelle versions 'read'
<datahbleede> x-actlee bri, that's tru, n that's y i dunno about the ethics n-volved in doin sew....
<datahbleede> wheffer i'm s[h]elf censwhoring 2 much ore not..
<datahbleede> like flatten-inge out the layered L-ementz in the mezangelle stuff
<datahbleede> u get me?
<re_workinpr> um.. personal ethics? readerly ethics? abstract ethics?
<jley> yes .... sensewhoring almost ???

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