<re_workinpr> doesn't come across as such... but what about the more general notion that writing can 'make a difference'?
<jley> yes, I don't think mez's work comes across as self-conscious in a political sense ... my question was more general
<datahbleede> bri, didn't say that, spoze i shoulda cla.riff.ifed...fromme a sci perspectiff, dunno, but frome an n-trospectiff one i think it has the powah 2, but dependz on the receptivitee of the reader, contextual cuez, presentation etc etc...i am a +itivist about it :)
<reiner> have to leave now --- thanks to all and mez --- c.u.-s.u.-b.u.
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<re_workinpr> between science + introspection there's human[ist] activism ?
<jley> I would hope bri :)
<datahbleede> me too:)
* re_workinpr is perhaps naive?
<datahbleede> az 4 writinge makin a diffurrence, i woodn't b doin thizz i suppoze if i ul.time.atlee thought uberwize...
<jley> naive??
<jley> nahhh why?
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<datahbleede> naive az in thinkin writin can make a diff u mean?
* re_workinpr is stuck in a non-thought
<PbN> :)
<datahbleede> getz on2 the qz of y we write, i zoopoze...
<Surd> Some writing 'makes a difference' by dint of its consciousness. Other writing is engaged in the world, or the writer is, toward a different sort of 'difference'.
* jley smiles, thinks brian [cannot =] naive
<datahbleede> nice summ.ation jim, yr rightte....
<datahbleede> i wanduh b-tween motivez, motivationz, goalz when i wri[gh]te.....
<PbN> Well, whether or not it can/does/might make or be different is kind of what we're here trying to discover, yes?
<jley> i'm not sure we get to know Ted ... ??
<PbN> :)
<datahbleede> I tri 2 keep the strucktore there without rez-strict.ting[le] itte 2 much, butte alzo x-pressing N unfolded thort, emotion, etc....
* jley has to run ... enjoyed this so much .... thanks mez !!
<PbN> Mez, yr writing has made a difference in my thinking... work....
<datahbleede> ted, realli? howe so?
<Surd> Yes, ditto with Ted.
* datahbleede wood luv 2 know the difference[engine] factor....that's wunder.full!
<PbN> Mez, u open my mind/eyes to new ways of thinking about what it means... might mean
<datahbleede> whoa
<datahbleede> that's great:)
<PbN> ...all the q.s here -- tho I have no answers :)
<datahbleede> don't u though? izzn't yr creation anne.sur enuff?
<datahbleede> surd, howe has it changed yr stuff?
<datahbleede> think-inge?
<datahbleede> wurk?
* datahbleede is veri curiouz...:)
<PbN> Yes, surely I could say same for many here and at WebA... but have followed yr work in particular, M, for a very long time.
<Surd> innovative, high energy writing does seem to proffer different glasses, charged with vitality and the moment.
<martha> gotta go folks, fascinating as always mez, thanks all
<datahbleede> thx 2:)
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<Surd> I'm here in Victoria with my folks, so must wrap up in the next fifteen minutes.
<datahbleede> wanted 2 ask a qz with soma the gurls here
<datahbleede> ok can i ask a quik qz then?
<Surd> of course
<datahbleede> juzt wanted to [wo]mention that a high pro.portion of[rz] 2 the mezangelled pozts r men...
<datahbleede> ...inne the lazt batch, no gurliez partishipated...
<datahbleede> waz gonna ask y u all think sew?
<Surd> I've noted that you display a certain intellectual independence
* re_workinpr thinx this is important
<datahbleede> rightte...
<Surd> that is great.
<PbN> pennish envy?
<datahbleede> eheheh nice 1 ted:)
* re_workinpr meant, what is important = the issue of who responds etc.
<datahbleede> i've alwaze thought of mi writing 2 b androgynouz based, mebbe thizz has something 2 do with it?
<PbN> yr writing is ex-citing, Mez
<datahbleede> shore bri, gotcha.
<datahbleede> thx ted:)
<datahbleede> mebbe eye unconsciouslee make my stuff a l'tle 2 x-clusive?? knot shore, but i'm wonduhing about itte..
<re_workinpr> always been an issue on every list i've been on : male voxes/identities dominating talk-wise...
<PbN> I don't know that gender does/n't play a role so much as sensibility???
<Surd> naw, you gotta go with your best, Mez.
<datahbleede> mebbe it doezn't have anything 2 du with the genduh...
<datahbleede> shore ted, makez senze...
<datahbleede> anywaze, izz something 2 think aboute. no doubt it'll wurk itself in there, someawhere:)
<datahbleede> eheh
<re_workinpr> mez - what is the history of response to the mezangs, genderwise ? + depends on what ?
<datahbleede> well, when i phirzt started out, most ppl assumed i waz male, gotte a bit of flak about that butte i didn't dis-courage itte, was part of the avatarian threade....nowe that it's open source kode that i'm female, makez for some n-teresting responsez...
<datahbleede> itz now kindah a null-s-sue, which is goode, but i'm not that stoopid to think it doezn't facktor in2 some ppls responzes...
<datahbleede> if u get wot i mean? body politic-tock n all that:)
<re_workinpr> i think it's probably ^very^ active + even constitutive of responses + response-modes
<datahbleede> shore...
<datahbleede> mite b 1 ov thoze thingz i kneede to x-plore....
<Surd> it's challenging writing in many ways, love it, Mez/
* datahbleede starts the deactiff.a.shion process....
<Surd> eheha
<datahbleede> thx all:_ great chat, very thought-n-spiring:)
<Surd> Thanks Mez, Ted, Brian, noname...
* re_workinpr imagines a parting choreography of texts, inter-facing, gestures of conduction, repercussion, improvisation, regeneration
<PbN> Yrs is a zuper art, Mez -- thank you so much for making it freely available, and please, bring us more! :)
<datahbleede> ooh yeah. letz all do it.
<PbN> And thx to all here today -- especially Surd n Mez... all best!
<datahbleede> thx all, and bezt back 2 u all:)
<re_workinpr> oui, adios
<Surd> K, over and out, all.
* datahbleede dis-n-gagez
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