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[12:31] ***Now talking in #defib
[12:42] <Surd> You developed a few ideas that I wonder if we can take up... like connectedness
[12:42] <steve_d> certainly
[12:47] <Surd> I like the notion of connection... very wide and suggestive
[12:48] <steve_d> wide and suggestive, but difficult to pin down
[12:51] <Surd> What are some of the forms of connection that come to mind to you, Steve, in considering what you like or what's important to you in the art of the web?
[12:52] <steve_d> humour is one, for sure
[12:52] <PbN> humour is a very human connection -- I like that
[12:52] <glory> jackdaw lands on steve's shoulder
[12:54] *Surd Jackdaw: will you accept a connect call from the world?
[12:54] <steve_d> hahaha - cut off
[12:54] <PbN> loss of connectedness...
[12:54] <steve_d> sorry
[12:55] <glory> the world cannot listen with all its ears
[12:55] <Surd> Our little dingy and the waves and the jackdaws...
[12:55] <steve_d> avoiding specialist language if possible helps in terms of connectedness too
[12:56] <PbN> I find your work very 'direct', Steve -- refreshing, actually
[12:57] <Surd> I like the way that 'connectedness' is a human thing, one person or people to others... and also can involve the notion say of conduits and networks...
[12:57] ***elizabeth_james has joined #defib
[12:57] <Surd> ...good term for poetics of web art...
[12:57] <steve_d> hi elizabeth
[12:57] <Surd> Hi Elizabeth!
[12:58] <elizabeth_james> hi Steve, Jim (is that you?), all
[12:58] <Surd> Jim here
[12:58] <steve_d> neat definition, jim
[12:58] <glory> jackdaw: hi elizabeth
[12:59] <elizabeth_james> hello glory
[12:59] <PbN> hi Elizabeth(?) - Ted Warnell
[12:59] <glory> the moonflowers release their fragrance
[12:59] <elizabeth_james> Oh hi Ted/nari (I think)
[12:59] <PbN> yes
[13:00] <steve_d> being open on all channels as it were
[13:00] <Surd> Yes, connectedness
[13:01] <steve_d> looking for connection rather than befuddlement
[13:01] <PbN> Steve is answering Surd -- "What are some of the forms of connection that come to mind to you, Steve, in considering what you like or what's important to you in the art of the web?"
[13:01] <elizabeth_james> Thanks!
[13:02] <Surd> You are starting a new site, Steve... are you branching out from Debris? Why a separate site?
[13:04] <steve_d> I see Debris as mainly text-based. could be more of an attempt to expand my "standard literacy"
[13:05] <steve_d> Debris works quite well with _lynx_ - i like that
[13:06] <steve_d> not that i've seen it with _lynx_
[13:06] ***Cleo has joined #defib
[13:07] <PbN> hi claire!
[13:07] <Cleo> hello all.
[13:07] <steve_d> hi. claire
[13:07] <Cleo> steve, i really enjoyed your site.
[13:07] <Surd> I was immediately taken with Debris... it is well connected and spoke to me on many levels and in many ways, Steve, among which is a thoughtful approach to the medium
[13:08] <PbN> yes -- there is a directness/connection in Debris
[13:08] <steve_d> i'm very pleased to hear this
[13:09] <Surd> So now you want to begin another exploration in
[13:09] <Cleo> may i ask what your chief inspiration was, or was it a lot of different things?
[13:10] <steve_d> i tend to use free javascripts and have plans for dhtml work, also to use images, text as image, etc
[13:11] <Cleo> by 'free' javascripts do you mean those offered on various sites?
[13:12] <steve_d> nothing particularly fancy but still a departure from the simplicity of Debris
[13:12] <steve_d> yes, those
[13:12] <Cleo> I assumed you wrote them - your work is so tight - it looks like that of a programmer
[13:12] <steve_d> i wish
[13:12] <Cleo> me too!
[13:12] <steve_d> i've sweated blood over some of those scripts
[13:13] <Cleo> actually, i really liked the simplicity - it was very sharp
[13:13] <PbN> yes, strong 'programming' feel -- maybe MS-DOS? I like the 'text base' of Debris...
[13:13] <steve_d> i will still add to Debris
[13:13] <Surd> Is Debris complete? How do you feel about that... do you feel it is done and you are moving on to this other thing, or otherwise?
[13:13] <Surd> Ah, you just answered my question.
[13:13] <PbN> :)
[13:14] <steve_d> nothing is ever complete really
[13:14] <Cleo> indeed. especially on the net!
[13:14] <Surd> No, but you can find yourself at the end of something.
[13:14] <steve_d> indeed
[13:14] <elizabeth_james> I love the aesthetic of Debris, do people feel it's something to leave behind (the typewriter look, with all its history, etc)?
[13:15] <Surd> No, not I.
[13:15] <steve_d> nor i
[13:15] <Cleo> if it speaks, still has power, it works and -
[13:16] <steve_d> we are pretty text-based at the mo and it's wonderful
[13:16] <elizabeth_james> And re Smile on Debris (hard to type!), is it an infinite text Steve?
[13:16] <Surd> Part of the reason I am drawn to Debris is the close attention to the word and the elements of poetry yet the fine exploration also of script and the word in motion and transformation...
[13:16] <steve_d> the web as context is expansive
[13:17] <steve_d> s m i l e is 140+ lines from which 6 at random per click [repeats appear eventually, which is cool]
[13:18] <steve_d> brain dead loops, as in techno
[13:18] <Cleo> am i asking the wrong thing if i ask your background steve? where you came from and what this means to you?
[13:19] <Cleo> do i remember reading something about philosophy?
[13:19] <Cleo> lol!
[13:19] <steve_d> in a nutshell it's a working class background with a small wordset but lots of body language, one way or another
[13:19] <elizabeth_james> It's great (smile) (lagging here)
[13:20] *elizabeth_james laughs
[13:20] <Cleo> lol!
[13:20] <steve_d> genuineness is all, in that context
[13:20] ***elizabeth_james is now known as elizabeth
[13:20] <Cleo> meaning?
[13:20] ***elizabeth is now known as eliza
[13:21] *PbN knew a program named eliza
[13:22] <Cleo> [sorry to interrupt, but how do you do that emote thing?]
[13:22] <Surd> you type /me and then the words of your emotion
[13:23] *Surd meant the color of the heart
[13:23] <steve_d> meaning it's a very straightforward interface, as it were, and falseness tends to be challenged
[13:23] *Cleo thanks:)
[13:23] <eliza> I'm a robot now Ted ;-)
[13:24] ***joe has joined #defib
[13:24] <PbN> yo joe
[13:24] <steve_d> hi, joe
[13:25] ***joe is now known as Guest85793
[13:25] <Cleo> i guess what i meant steve in terms of background is what do you do in the 'real' world?
[13:25] <Guest85793> daaaamn - just woke from long flu sleep so was already delirious
[13:26] <PbN> :)
[13:26] *Surd feels like Joe and Steve share a certain thing in their work...
[13:26] <steve_d> indeed, the real world
[13:26] <Cleo> i can see that -
[13:26] <PbN> yes, can see this, too...
[13:27] <Cleo> har har
[13:27] <Cleo> i meant, i see the similarity
[13:27] <steve_d> in the real world i'm a househusband - i look after the kids etc
[13:27] <Guest85793> i'm a big fan of steve's Debris site
[13:28] <Cleo> (my beaux's grande desire)
[13:28] <PbN> steve, cool! that's been my schtick for the past couple of years
[13:28] <glory> jacdaw: flaps wings noisily
[13:28] <steve_d> get well soon, joe
[13:28] <Guest85793> also want his job
[13:28] <Guest85793> thanks steve
[13:29] <glory> jackdaw: caw caw!
[13:29] <steve_d> it's a great job
[13:29] <Cleo> don't you feel like an utter anonymity guest?
[13:29] <Cleo> who's "glory?"
[13:29] <Surd> you can type /nick and then a new nick
[13:30] ***PbN is now known as nick
[13:30] <Guest85793> tell me again why i can't be joe
[13:30] <nick> too late
[13:30] <Cleo> lol!
[13:30] <eliza> Somebody owns Joe, like somebody owns elizabeth

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