13:30 -13:59
[13:30] <Guest85793> ain't it the truth
[13:30] *eliza sighs
[13:30] <Cleo> now now ...
[13:31] ***Guest85793 is now known as anewnick
[13:31] ***nick is now known as Guest89195
[13:31] <Surd> identity...
[13:31] <steve_d> and many of 'em
[13:31] <Cleo> tsk tsk children, pay some attention to our guest
[13:32] <Cleo> i guess you're used to it though huh steve?!
[13:32] <Surd> is identity an issue for you in your work, Steve... it seems it's an issue on the Web in general...
[13:32] <anewnick> steve i wonder if you would want to describe your sort of daily practice as a writer/webartist
[13:33] <Guest89195> who am i?
[13:33] ***Guest89195 is now known as PbN
[13:33] <steve_d> jim, identity is an issue - i try to dance around it in my work, i suppose
[13:34] <PbN> howso, steve?
[13:35] <steve_d> my daily practice tends to feature cycles - web, writing, email, depression, and so on
[13:35] <Surd> ehehe
[13:35] <glory> jackdaw hops onto the top of steve's computer
[13:35] <anewnick> sounds familiar
[13:35] <steve_d> in using different voices, registers, furniture, and so, ted
[13:36] <Cleo> are all the smiles meant to counter or laugh at it?
[13:36] <Cleo> or
[13:36] <PbN> depression -- the poets friend -- watch the swing!
[13:37] <steve_d> both i guess, claire
[13:37] <Surd> Debris is utterly distinctive, yet, yes, it is exploratory not just of you and yours but more widely among connections...
[13:37] <Surd> identities...
[13:37] <eliza> oops apologies inept
[13:37] <glory> jackdaw: irony irony (hoppity hop)
[13:37] <Cleo> if you can laugh at it you're still okay :)
[13:38] <steve_d> Debris is meant to be made of the detritus, traces, and so on, personality fragmented or something like that
[13:39] <glory> jackdaw to eliza: it does get repetitive sometimes
[13:39] <glory> sometimes
[13:39] <Surd> Do you feel connection with language poetry? Is that part of your poetical heritage or past?
[13:40] <steve_d> i didn't discover language poetry until i got myself online but immediately recognised a connection
[13:40] <Surd> when was that?
[13:41] <Cleo> (i wonder why that has such a large presence on the web?)
[13:41] <steve_d> i came across coolidge and mac low when they were discussed on british-poets list about hmmmmm 4/5 y ago
[13:41] <PbN> u mean lang po, C?
[13:42] <Cleo> yes
[13:42] <PbN> it COOL!!!!
[13:42] <Surd> Was the british-poets list a beginning point for you on the web?
[13:42] <Cleo> utterly! but, that still doesn't explain it's prevalence on the net
[13:42] <PbN> Mc Low -- super cool!
[13:42] <anewnick> epc was way out front
[13:43] <anewnick> nick/ joecow
[13:43] <Cleo> did you write before steve?
[13:43] <steve_d> brit-poets was another beginning
[13:43] ***anewnick is now known as joecow
[13:44] <Cleo> (you must have if you joined a p. list duh)
[13:44] <steve_d> before that there was fop-l and cybermind lists
[13:44] <Surd> Don't know those.
[13:45] <Cleo> Alan Sondheim - fiction of philos. right?
[13:45] <steve_d> i was writing and performing when i was a teenager but it really took in london in the 80s
[13:45] <joecow> some of the poems in the poem section of Debris are certainly of a different style than the rest of the site - are those older works?
[13:46] <steve_d> probably, joe, some of them are ancient
[13:46] <glory> jackdaw: alan alan julu julu jennifer jennifer
[13:46] <steve_d> yeah, alan sondheim was a revelation, too
[13:46] <Cleo> (who is "glory" damnit?!)
[13:46] <PbN> :)
[13:46] <joecow> morning glory?
[13:46] <Cleo> @glory
[13:47] <glory> jackdaw: damnit damnit
[13:47] <steve_d> as in the haiku
[13:47] <Cleo> lol!
[13:47] <Cleo> i need dr. leo ...
[13:48] <Cleo> (excuse me)
[13:48] <joecow> konniger?
[13:49] <steve_d> unix "doctor" prog
[13:49] <Cleo> indeed - replying to the fluster @glory (intentionally i'm sure!) has me in
[13:49] *Surd thinks yes, epc was way out front but also language po is one of the more prominent and productive or generative contemporary print approaches that naturally extends to new media...
[13:50] <Cleo> generative? why?
[13:50] <joecow> i gather this is the thesis of loss glazier's forthcoming book, which i look forward to reading
[13:50] *Surd thinks Loss and Charles have also made a great conduit
[13:50] <Cleo> Charles?
[13:50] <eliza> And 'naturally', why? (just wonderng)
[13:51] <Surd> Generative in the sense that it is a good departure point for what you will.
[13:51] <Surd> Debris and trace... for instance...
[13:51] <Cleo> obscure ... but that is the point oui?
[13:52] <PbN> natural, too, maybe, because the Web is at the heart -- text based (best so still)
[13:52] <Cleo> EPC or language poetry itself?
[13:52] <eliza> Maybe too, open, and sometimes collaborative (lang po)
[13:52] <Surd> I meant Debris and trace not as in the web sites...
[13:52] <Cleo> now ted, don't get me riled ...
[13:52] <PbN> hey, THIS IS TEXT!
[13:53] <steve_d> back to paradise
[13:53] <joecow> i think you certainly characterize langpo's stance toward language usage as more 'divergent' than other poetry groupings
[13:53] <Surd> natural in the sense that langpo already deals in dicing and slicing and, uh, other processes that we find of interest in code etc.
[13:53] <Cleo> i know, but i'm so tired of hearing about the 'golden days' of the web before it hasd a graphic interface, makes me feel like i'm not wanted
[13:53] <joecow> so you might expect folks with those leanings to be more open to new forms
[13:54] <PbN> Cleo, I love you! We all love you! And want you, too!!!
[13:55] <joecow> yes and that whole sector of langpo that works with procedural poetries
[13:55] <Surd> langpo is not as synthetic of the arts as it could be...
[13:55] *Cleo blushes
[13:55] <joecow> will certainly find itself extended in web work
[13:56] <joecow> jim please elaborate
[13:56] <PbN> :) so, C... wanna go PC?
[13:56] <Cleo> i understand exactemont
[13:57] <Cleo> yes jim, pls. do
[13:57] <PbN> Sorry, am being bad boy today...
[13:57] <Surd> a resistance to the image, perhaps.
[13:58] *Cleo forgiven...
[13:58] <PbN> :)
[13:59] <joecow> I have heard Meikal And express his opinion that langpo has been resistant to vispo or insisted on its own version of it
[13:59] <Cleo> i'm not sure about that - i've had some very rich encounters with lang pos - the dedication to medium is similar - i was talking more the old hypertext crowd

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