Cleave — Geof Huth

You can view "CLEAVE" in two different ways. Click below to choose among them.

  1. View "Cleave" online as a video.
  2. View it offline through an emulator.

Emulator Instructions (PC)

  • Download and unzip the original DSK files. The zip file contains "Endemic Battle Collage.dsk", "CLEAVE.DSK" and "a black rock.DSK".
  • Download and unzip the Applewin emulator. Alternatively, do an Internet search of 'emulator' and 'Apple IIe' and pick a different emulator.
  • Run the Applewin.exe emulator.
  • Click the icon.
  • Navigate to "Endemic Battle Collage.dsk" or "CLEAVE.DSK" or "a black rock.DSK" and double-click it .
  • Click the button.
  • If it does not start by itself, type
    RUN a black rock
    depending on which of "Endemic Battle Collage.dsk" or "a black rock.DSK" or "CLEAVE.DSK" you are using, and press the “Enter” key.

Instructions (Mac) ("OSXII", an Apple //e emulator for Mac OS X utilizing Cocoa and OpenGL) is an emulator we hear works properly on some Macs. Another is Virtual ][ at

An incomplete list of Apple IIe emulators for the Mac is at (this list doesn't include "OSXII"). Many of these haven't worked for us.

In the meantime, Mac users can view the video version.

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