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Madame Ovary
(attending the initiate)

O you tender buttons, when your body and mind were separating, you must have experienced a glimpse of Ur, subtle, sparkling, bright, dazzling, glorious, and radiantly awesome, in appearance like a mirage moving across a landscape in spring time in one continuous stream of vibrations. Do not be daunted, tender buttons, nor terrified nor awed. That is the radiance of thine own true nature. Recognize it.

From the midst of that radiance, the natural sound of Reality, reverberating like a thousand thunders simultaneously sounding, will come. That is the natural sound of your own real self. Beautiful, do not be daunted, nor terrified nor awed.

The body you have now is the thought-body of propensities. Since you do not have a material body of flesh and blood, whatever may come, sounds, lights, or rays, all are unable to harm you; you are incapable of dying. It is sufficient for you to know that these apparitions are your own thought forms. Recognize this to be the Bardo.

Tender buttons, if you do not now recognize your own thought forms, whatever meditation or devotion you may have performed while in the human world, then the lights will daunt you, the sounds will awe you, and the rays will terrify you. Should you not know this all-important key to the teachings, you will have to wander in the Sangsara.

largely from the W. Y. Evans-Wentz translation of The Tibetan Book of the Dead


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