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Pornomorph Profiles

Public Enemy 2354abcf

Ur Grrl alias 5
(harmless in dream state)

It's said that when she dreams
she dreams pure forms
dreams of Ur and the unfolding
of Greece and Tibet,
dreams of a life long ago
beside Pythagoras and Hippasos,
travels the portals of the bardos
between times and worlds,
dreams of the spirit worlds
from which she came.

Some say that the pornomorphs are all of this,
that the spirit world and the Web are now
world within world.

This is the cult of the pornomorphs.
They are of our making,
not the great beyond.
They are merely works of art,
dark works of art
that walked out of the frame.

Make such art no more, that is the law!
Do not be seduced by the cult of the machine!

Told you so
told you so
she'll fry you like an egg.

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