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Pornomorph Profiles

Public Enemy 2355

Garb O Gawd
(zoom in)

All those eyes 
on all those transactions 
the bitch doesn't miss a bet. 
A true Pythagorean. 
Pythagoras introduced coinage 
in Samos and the neighboring area, 
got filthy rich 
and has been at it ever since. 
Because the Pythagorean cult of the pornomorphs 
controls the best encryption, 
is always ahead of the hackers, 
they command top dollar 
with their p-dough currency, 
everyone wants to do their business 
with it so that their transactions are safe-- 
except from Garbo Gawd, 
who always takes her cut, 
she's their finance department. 
Just as in Samos and the surrounding area 
back in the early days of Pythagoras, 
the Pythagoreans exercise their influence 
much to the discomfort 
of most of us humans. 
Their day will come.

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