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  • Breakpoint Enabled
    A true story parabled into a tale of strange brotherhood, alienation, and the local gods like ghosts in the machine.

Up Downloadable Lingo Code and Documentation

  • Plays a video and resizes it to either fill the browser or make the video as large as can be while retaining the original video proportion of width to height (6/2007).
  • C(n,r), P(n,r), and n! (8/2004)
    This movie script for Director MX+ calculates the number of combinations or permutations of n things taken r at a time. It also calculates n!.
  • Windows For Shockwave 4.8 (2004)
    Version 4.8 introduces the ability to easily create dynamic sprites, multi-sprites, and families thereof. It also adds many features to the 3.0 sort of functionality.
  • Nio Documented Code (4/2001)
    Nio is a two-part work of interactive audio that synchronizes layers and sequences of audio files and synchronizes audio and vis. Director 8.
  • Full Screen Template (6/2002)
    This is a 3kb download that consists of three template HTML files to launch Web projects in as large a window as possible, whatever browser is being used. In IE for the PC, it launches the files full screen, no browser chrome whatsoever. The Mac does not permit full screen browsing, but you can make it as large as possible. Index.htm in the zip is the page you start out on. It lets the user choose to launch either full screen or in a normal browser window (polite). Index.htm then does some browser sniffing and launches frameset.htm accordingly. frameset.htm is a little frameset file. This is a little trick to get rid of the scrollbar you normally see in windows in IE for the PC that have been launched full screen. No browser chrome at all! You edit index.htm and content.htm, but not frameset.htm. Content.htm is the file that contains your project.
  • Enigma n2(8/2002)
    Enigma n2 is an audio/visual work of sound/code poetry and interactive/generative music . It is meant to be played loudly. Click around in it or let it be strange on its own. It synchs audio and visual quite well, also.

Up About

Before I moved to Seattle in 1997 to take a position as a Technical Writer and, later, a Solutions Architect with Network Commerce, I hosted a literary venue in Victoria, B.C. each week called Mocambopo. This web site originated as a schedule of events for the Mocambopo poetry series in 1995. Rod Zimmerman has taken over the Web work for that project, and Mocambopo has had severl hosts since I left.

Bookmark, link to, and print my writings. But please do not use them for profit without contacting me and coming to an arrangement. And please don't put them up on the Web or otherwise publish them without contacting me. I'm distributing them on the Internet because I'm more interested in distributing them myself than waiting on someone else's approval. Electronic publishing is going to radically change the infra-structure of the publishing world. I want to explore that edge.

Part of the beauty of the world wide web, for me, is that it has the poetential to solve the problems of distribution and cost involved in the production of many artistic endeavors. Also, art warps into a new multiplicity of media and sign. And the possibilities for communication with people around the world, coming to know their work, is exciting. Poetry of motion and the daily data storm.

Jim Andrews, 1996


Hmm. Things have changed and stayed the same. I've quit my job at Network Commerce to develop multimedia vismu full time. The page is still a lovely thing to me, but these days I don't think of the page so much as the "stage" in Director. I've registered (visual music) and hope to develop some astounding interactive musical works that define a new type of music.

The infra-structure of publishing has changed, at this point, more inside one's head than the monolith has. I don't buy that many books anymore, find most of my information on the Web. Still love them, though, and think of myself as a writer, think of all the work on this site as a form of writing.

July 2000


Walt Whitman wrote one book: Leaves of Grass. He changed it throughout his life. is my 'book'. And it isn't a book at all but, hopefully, something that you can experience as many times as you like and find different things each time--very different, and of a new and ongoing life in writing/art/sound/programming.

victoria canada, 2002


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