Stir Frys

Does Lara Croft stir fry?

by Amos Satterlee

This project is based on two web sources. First is an analysis by Anne-Marie Schleiner of gender roles in the Lara Croft Tomb Raiders II video game. The second is a javascript cut up engine by Jim Andrews that powers the Stir Fry Texts. The engine causes word segments in the reference texts to twitch and change as the mouse moves over them, replacing segments from one text with a segment from another.

Schleiner says about her approach to understanding the game:

"...the Lara Croft archetype is best served by using an analytical modus operandum that is cyborgian, piece-meal, and polymorphous. This analysis does not privilege one theoretical lens antithetically to others; its shape is closer to a multidimensional matrix stack of interlocking data with alternating gender matrices pushing upward to the surface."
The Stir Fry engine seems a perfect tool to examine the five different lenses Schleiner identifies.

Mouse over the text to stir fry.
Select different levels of fineness of the cut up.
Rotate through the full text of each lens.

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