Spas Text

1999, by Jim Andrews. Click the colophon to cycle through the five texts. Move your mouse or finger over the text to stir it. The code of the English version and of all translations was upgraded in 2015 for contemporary desktop and mobile browsers.

Chinese translation

Translation (2001) by Dr. Shuen-shing Lee. Published at The Literary Café, a site co-sponsored by The United News's Literary Supplement and the Taiwan government's Council for Cultural Affairs. Also published on Shuen-shing's site. Code updated by Jim Andrews and Shuen-shing Lee in 2015 for contemporary desktop and mobile browsers.

Finnish translation

Translation by Marko Niemi for the fall 2004 issue of Lumooja magazine (Turku) on motion. Code updated in 2015 by Jim Andrews for mobile browsers.

Portuguese translation

Translation by Regina CĂ©lia Pinto.

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