Brad Pasutti

Born in Trail, B.C., Pasutti began his formal art training at the Kootenay School of Art in Nelson, where he completed a three year diploma program with honours in sculpture. Deciding on a more practical career in art conservation, Pasutti enrolled in art history at the University of Victoria. He quickly abandoned this practical plan and transferred over to the visual arts department to complete a BFA in 1983. Soon after graduation, he met artist Jack Kidder, with whom he made several extended trips to Mexico. Mexico, with its rich art and cultural heritage of ancient Pre-Colombian, colonial Baroque, folk art and contemporary international exhibitions, was seminal to his artistic development.

There is in his work an overriding concern with space, time and the metaphysical. Areas of precisely defined objecthood comingle with intangible forms situated on the borderline between figuration and abstraction—as if thoughts and perceptions are continually coming into being and fading away. Figure and ground, internal and external being, memory and immediacy all intertwine in a labyrinth of spaces within spaces.

He has had numerous solo exhibitions and his work is in the collections of the Canada Council Art Bank, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and the University of Victoria's Legacy Art Gallery.