Aleph Null documentation
Karl Kempton/Jim Andrews collaboration

This is the homepage of the Karl Kempton/Jim Andrews collaboration. It links to all things in the collaboration.

1. Collaborative Works

Aleph Null chewing on Karl Kempton's visual poetry

video 1 (2:58)

video 2 (2:40)

video 3 (1:01)

video 4 (3:05)
Karl Kempton in Aleph Null Itself
Links in to Aleph Null itself, my JavaScript online interactive graphic synthesizer, using Karl's images. This is not a slideshow or a video. This is a never-the-same-twice dynamic generator. Once you're in, click the aleph symbol at top left to toggle display of the controls, if you want to experiment. There's a documentation page for Aleph Null 3.0 which also shows you lots of videos of art made with the program.
 Karl Kempton nib in Aleph Null itself (red highlight)

2. Karl Kempton Visual Poetry and Links

 Slidvid (16 images) of Karl Kempton visual poems shown in Aleph Null

Links to other sites concerning Karl Kempton

3. Karl Kempton bio

arl Kempton lives with his beloved wife, Ruth, in Oceano, California. He has been writing lexical poetry, composing visual poetry and visual text art since the early 1970s. His works have been published internationally in 45 titles, 50 anthologies and seen in over 100 group exhibitions since the early 1970s. As an environmental activist he has worked for and with the Northern Chumash since 1977, stopped chemical strawberry farming in his neighborhood, played a major role in the decommission and demolition of two coastal oil tank farms and stopped acoustic offshore testing, and with others brought the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary effort to formal NOAA nomination status ( He is also a writer, editor, publisher, and visual text art critic and historian. His latest book was published by Paper Press. He is near completion on a new book, Visual Text Arts: Page As Canvas, Paint As Ink, & Sculpt Text By Modern & Contemporary Artists & Poets.