Seattle Drift

1997, by Jim Andrews. The first DHTML poem I wrote. Was living in the amazing city of Seattle. Published in Cauldron & Net &

Chinese translation

Translation (2001) by Dr. Shuen-shing Lee. Originally published on The Literary Café. Also published on Shuen-shing's site.

Finnish translation

Translation 1, Translation 2.
Marko Niemi has done two translations. One was for the fall 2004 issue of Lumooja magazine (Turku) on motion. A second copy of the first translation is published in Finland on Marko's site. The second translation (2006) is also published on Marko upgraded the code of Seattle Drift in 2004, when he initially translated the poem, to make it viewable on 2004 browsers.

Portuguese translation

Translated by Regina Célia Pinto (2006).

Italian translation

Translated by Harry Ross (2007).

French translation

Translated by Waliya Yohanna Joseph and Natalie Funk (2019).

Video Readings of Seattle Drift

Fred Inkster
Major Perlof

About Seattle Drift

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