Enigma n2

I created Enigma n2 in 2002 in Director and displayed it on the web via the Shockwave plugin from 2002 to the end of Shockwave (around 2019). Currently (2022), the only way to view the original Enigma n2 is if you can install the Pale Moon browser (Windows only) and also the Shockwave plugin. If you can do those two things, you've earned it; you can find the original Shockwave version here.

For the less intrepid, here's a video of Enigma n2 running—you guessed it—in the Pale Moon browser. The video plays the sound of the piece and illustrates what happens when you click the waveform.

I began my exploration of the enigma of meaning with 1998's Enigma n. Later on, in 2022, I created Enigma n2022. Together, Enigma n, Enigma n2 and Enigma n2022 form a polynomial in polyart, enigma and meaning:
n2022 + n2 + n