Thanks to:

  • Ellie Nichol for permission to publish the .DSK and other files on the Web.
  • Geof Huth for keeping his 5.25" copy of First Screening readable for 22 years.
  • Dan Waber and Jason Pimble for recovering the complete version of First Screening from Geof Huth's 5.25" floppy bpNichol distributed under the Underwhich imprint.
  • J. B. Hohm for permission to publish the HyperCard version of First Screening.
  • The University of Victoria Computing Services—especially Jeff Rivett—for recovering the .DSK files from old 5.25" floppies from the 80's that Lionel Kearns safely saved for all these years. This was the first DSK we recovered (in 2004). That turned out to be an incomplete version of First Screening; bpNichol must have given these disks to Lionel while First Screening was in progress.
  • Tony Power of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver for his attempts (though unsuccessful) to recover First Screening from a 5.25" floppy mysteriously labelled “Master Disk” in the SFU archive of bpNichol's work.
  • Three of the essays originally published in this project were later published in the spring 2008 issue of Open Letter on bpNichol guest edited by Lori Emerson. The introductory essay, "First Meaning: The Digital Poetry Incunabula of bpNichol" by Geof Huth and "Off Screen Romance" by Jim Andrews were in that issue of Open Letter which also included a new essay by Dan Waber who also did the Open Letter cover.

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