The Quicktime version of First Screening

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About the Quicktime version of First Screening

This streaming Quicktime version of First Screening is a screen capture of the Applewin emulator version of First Screening.

Freeze-frames from the Quicktime do not always reflect the structure of bpNichol's code. For instance, when playing Off-screen Romance, you can see frames such as


in the Quicktime. However, if you look at the source code, you see that neither FRED nor GINGER are ever cut up in bpNichol's code. ED was displayed, most likely, when the computer was commanded to erase FRED from the screen and did so one letter at a time. Then the screen capture of the Quicktime occurred (the frame-rate is 15 fps).

Not that the discrepancy is a big deal. But it does bear on the issue of authenticity. It is common to assume that a video would be, say, more authentic than a Javascript version. But the framerate of videos renders them sampling devices.

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