dbCinema is a graphic synthesizer and langu(im)age processor I wrote in Adobe Director. It produces amazing still images and knockout real-time painterly cinema. Click here for an introductory video that shows you how I use it. If you're interested in using the PC desktop version of dbCinema, drop me a line at jim @ vispo.com.

The Slidvid Series consists of screenshots from movies generated with dbCinema. Watching the slidvids is like watching a shorter version of a movie where the shorter version consists of screenshots taken every few seconds (or minutes...) from the movie. The slidvids are powered by a JavaScript slideshow engine I wrote. These series show the stylistic range dbCinema has and what dbCinema can do when you know how to configure it to interesting results.

The Slidvid Series
Kandinsky3    about
Abstract Art
Jim Leftwich
Geof Huth
Silvia Saint
Silvia Saint 2
Notre Dame Cathedral
Stephen Vincent
Kedrick James
Olga Glukovska
Graphic Loven
Klee Flowers
Angkor Wat
The Club
Self-portrait 1
Self-portrait 2
Adeena Karasick

Chris Funkhouser: "In its ultimate form, dbCinema is wildly versatile, elaborately participatory, and produces high-quality patterned art on a consistent basis. dbCinema's animations actively flourish. Compiled images perpetually emerge, simultaneously preserved and layered on the screen. Andrews gives us a refined stage where viewers use 'brushes' to adjust minute details, such as the speed of geometry or the background color, and establish important parameters. The 'brushes' devised by Andrews inscribe profound kinetic elements into dbCinema projections, enabling viewers to create and configure what happens on the screen."
from New Directions in Digital Poetry

Videos of dbCinema in action are screen recordings of dbCinema sessions I've done using the desktop version of dbCinema.

The Club
with Adeena Karasick
Van Riot