About Defib


Defib was a general hangout for the artists of Webartery.com. We used it four ways: it provided visitors to Webartery.com with an interesting communication channel with the people who make the works in Webartery.com; it allowed the artists of Webartery.com to hold confabs on projects we were working on; it's a general hang out for us; and finally, but not least, we hosted an online live artist interview surf show here. The live shows were recorded, and the transcript was then produced into a full hypertext that provided an interesting take on the artists and projects under discussion that week. The canned shows are available in the Interviews section of Defib and in Webartery.com's menu (or were, last time i checked).


Defib happened on the first and third Sundays of each month at 13:00 PST (click for international times). A featured Web artist or group of artists was chattin with you and other participants. The format ususally involved discussion with the artist about their own work and projects they're heading and surfing URL's they supply. The shows were generally timed around the launch dates of projects undertaken by Webartery.com artists and sometimes others.


Defib is produced by Dan Waber and Jim Andrews. If you're interested in volunteering as a host or otherwise on the Defib production crew, drop us a line.


Defib was carried by webartery.com and by Martha Cinader's site.