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William Marsh and Sunbrella.net (Nov. 21/99)

....both for you & for the longing
for language to be out there

is repetition, the eye
flexing before all reads

vulnerability in redundancy
like likeness, all things

say themselves, not a perfect
poem but a moving through

two letters might explode a form
a form may serve an elemental link
            between two people

a link between people may make letters
having intimacies redirect a form

a word may serve as also wanted

            from b/c by William Marsh

William Marsh is a writer who combines critical acumen with an engaging poetical approach to Web art. He's launching sunbrella.net, a Web broadcasting venture that broadcasts Web content of various types. To be a publisher now can also involve broadcasting various media. Bill is a publisher of Paper Brain Press and his Web site, and now his publishing venture is expanding into broadcasting.