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Reiner Strasser

Sunday January 16/2000, Noon Pacific Time (20:00 GMT)

Reiner Strasser was born 1954 in Antwerpen, Belgium. He studied art, art history and philosophy at the University of Mainz, Germany in the 70's. His web works, international collaborations and web art projects date from 1996. His exhibitions/publications since 1997 include Parallel Notion Network, 1997; online exhibition at the Room without Walls, Canada, 1997, 1999; Wr-eye-tings Sketchpad, USA, since 1997; ZINEn new media art gallery, Canada, since 1998; ArtQuadrat ,Germany, 1998. His work has appeared in The East Village Poetry Web (Journal of Art and Poetry by Jack Kimball); Volume Five, Japan, February, 1999; POTEPOETTEXTEIGHTEE, electronic magazine, published by Potes & Poets Press and edited by Peter Ganick, New York, 1999; The Little Magazine CD 22 Gravitational Intrigue (an anthology of emergent hypermedia) University of Albany, NY, 1999; Aix Art Contemporaine Web en Provence, 1999; Apertutto, Biennale Venice 99; DWB (Dietsche Warande & Belfort), Elektronische Literatuur, 4/99; 'Amour et Conscience' art show, Paris (web+installation); AJAC exh., Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo 99 and NOWninety9 Festival Nottingham. His Weak Blood international project attracted 76 participating artists from around the world April-June, 1999.

Web sites: Re: The Virtual Affair (since 1997); workXspace; and The Art.)Watchers (1996)