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Jennifer Ley's Riding the Meridian

Sunday February 20/2000, Noon Pacific Time (20:00 GMT)

Riding the Meridian's Women and Technology issue (release date: February 15, 2000) features a roundtable discussion with professors and theorists N. Katherine Hayles and Marjorie Perloff, Eastgate aquisitions editor Diane Greco, and hypertext writers Shelley Jackson and Linda Carroli. The new issue also contains a Progressive Dinner Party showcasing 39 women who create hypertext web work, created by contributing editors Carolyn Guertin and Marjorie Luesebrink [with commentary by Hayles and Talan Memmott], and new work by Miriam Axel-Lute, Michelle Cameron, Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Ruth Daigon, Claire Dinsmore, Johanna Drucker, Claudia Grinnell, Diane Gromala, Christine Kennedy, Adriene Jenik, Tina LaPorta, Mez, Jessy Randall, Neca Stoller, Sue Thomas and Teresa White. Guertin also examines the underpinings of the upcoming Eastgate release Califia, by M.D. Coverley, while CK Tower (editor of Conspire, which will feature a concurrent issue dedicated to women who write) interviews Daniela Gioseffi, and Tabetha Dunn, geniwate and Deena Larsen talk to us about tech. Also, Judy Malloy answers questions about her work and her ongoing online forum, Gender and Identity in New Media.

Jennifer Ley

Founder of the hypertext poetry site The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks and the internet literary magazine Riding the Meridian, much of Jennifer Ley's newest literary work is in the field of hypertext. Examples can be found on the web at the trAce anthology: My Millennium, in Cauldron and Net, in the upcoming issue of frAme, and in past issues of The Animist, Snakeskin and Conspire. Her newest work, the Body Politic, was shown at Digital Arts and Culture '99, sponsored by Georgia Tech and the University of Bergen - Norway. A 1998 Pushcart nominee, some of the literary magazines and anthologies that have published Ms. Ley's poetry include: Agnieszka's Dowry, Terrain, Salt River Review, Will Work for Peace, Octavo, 2River View, Recursive Angel, Silhouettes in the Electric Sky and Wise Woman's Web, among many others. Her work is anthologized at Poetry Cafe.