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Carolyn Guertin

Sunday March 5/2000, Noon Pacific Time (20:00 GMT)

Specializing in the twentieth century feminist avant-garde, hypertext and the technologies of writing, Carolyn Guertin is doing her doctorate at the University of Alberta, Canada. A long-time literary publicist for the Canadian book trade, she is a primarily a scholar and also a poet, and her work is widely published in print and online. Her hypertexts have appeared in BeeHive, and the Electronic Book Review, and she is Curator of 'Assemblage: The Women's Hypertext Gallery' at the trAce Online Writing Community. She was also a member of Judy Malloy's 'Gender and Identity in New Media' panel at the Invençao Symposium in Brazil and will be making her debut as an editor and contributor in the upcoming 'Women and Technology' issue of Riding the Meridian.

Websites: Carolyn Guertin, Assemblage, the Online Women's Hypertext Gallery, at trAce