<PbN> it _is_ magic
<smylie> unnatural selection
<Jack2> the pie keeps inflating
<PbN> stop pumping
<smylie> the domestic lottery animal gene pool
<Jack2> should i stop breathing?
<Surd> What sort of feedback did you get on the 'Poetries of Canada' volume at theeastvillage?
<smylie> squeeze that chicken
<Surd> Three out of five here now are Canucks.
<Jack2> lots of canadians liked it, and really it was well received by lots of non-canadians, my family for example
<smylie> that makes sense to me
<PbN> :)
<Jack2> canadians are babes
<Surd> shucks
<smylie> babble babes
<PbN> :)
<Jack2> Babylon -- that was east of Newfoundland?
<smylie> you need scuba gear either way
<Jack2> I never take mine off
<PbN> start pumping
<smylie> bubble babes
<Jack2> I like the copy function
<Jack2> I like the copy function
<Jack2> I like the copy function
<Jack2> I like the copy function
<smylie> appropriate
<Jack2> even Wordsworth grew ruthless and cut his own material
<smylie> once you start squeezing the chicken its hard to stop
<Jack2> that's from a non-chicken perspective, right?
<Jack2> now you see, endless mutation
<Jack2> mutation and deformity, that's the game
<Jack2> my eyes dimmed with tears
<smylie> good farmers never sleep and keep the stock separated (you have to keep them separated)
<PbN> oh yes
<Jack2> gentry sell assets
<Surd> What is the truth, Jack?
<Jack2> what is a sense of place, a quality of light .. on the web?
<PbN> Steve Duffy (webA) is absolutely super with live mutations
<smylie> yeah jack what's the truth?
<Jack2> women rely on landmarks
<smylie> that's wisdom to live by
<Jack2> to navigate by
<PbN> he's pretty good with munitions, too
<PbN> live
<smylie> stuffed chicken grenades
<Jack2> munition enhancement, that's NRA
<Surd> A sense of place on the Web is in bringing it home.
<Jack2> Charlton Heston's home?
<smylie> daddie's place
<Jack2> daddie is on the road
<smylie> with chicken roosting
<smylie> a painting waiting to be made
<Jack2> daddie is a massive compact halo object
<smylie> like a vertical impact crater
<Jack2> like 6 impossible things before breakfast
<Surd> Home amid the shifting shared and private experience of language and life.
<smylie> streaming media
<PbN> Home to Sparta, militant mutants, impact creator of life and language
<Jack2> see where we are going....
<PbN> Sparta?
<Jack2> convergence zones ahead!
<smylie> alpha centura
<Jack2> Eden had to be interpreted
<smylie> put on the brakes!
<Jack2> Gabriel was no human
<Dirk> still pondering vision of a ruthless Wordsworth....
<PbN> :)
<Surd> A quality of light, one's own.
<smylie> you say wordsmith?
<Surd> You can sometimes find people following their own
<smylie> chicken squeezings
<Jack2> for example he cut a last stanza that ended with "tears" tore it to pieces, shattered, deformed
<Jack2> tropes of the barnyard crop up
<smylie> no cuplets
<Dirk> now that would be a great manga...
<smylie> muppets
<Jack2> wordworth invented the manga
<Jack2> and the muppets
<PbN> cool
<smylie> gonzo was his greatest work
<smylie> then rats
<PbN> yes
<Surd> Not everybody does cartoons...but they are popular.
<Jack2> do you have an online directory for gonzo?
<smylie> perforanceart.com
<Jack2> cartoons are a subsitute for debased sexual obsessions
<PbN> and the muppets
<Jack2> deceive us, go ahead
<smylie> i am
<smylie> therefore...
<smylie> erp
<Jack2> men in black spins off real x files
<smylie> erp
<Jack2> the quality of light
<smylie> erp
<Jack2> a sense of place
<smylie> erp
<Jack2> we need a diner's guide to visionary fodder
<smylie> (you do the poetry and i'll do the drums)
<smylie> of course the drums are the hard part
<Surd> It's out there... path of one's choosing...
<Jack2> terrestrial heroes mourn their ruthless origins in a universe with no objects
<smylie> erp
<Jack2> pre-erp
<smylie> neo post erp
<PbN> the quality of light is unstable erp
<Jack2> If Lucy should be dead!
<Dirk> wyatt erp
<smylie> erp
<Jack2> is this the way the world ends in a Sunday chat
<PbN> hte qualityr of light is aunstable slight
<PbN> the qwualitry of slihghte is ans finsdysaolb;e ligher
<Jack2> alien abductions too
<Jack2> mechanical voices file away passions
<Jack2> Putin lives
<smylie> go jack go
<Jack2> new angers old stanza breaks
<smylie> ah must be juliet
<Jack2> finally -- a distinction!
<Jack2> a distinction in an age of credulity
<PbN> dynamic is fine, flow choked, as chicken
<PbN> need more
<Jack2> a crude ruse in a rectangle
<PbN> more
<PbN> e
<smylie> juliet shwarts
<Jack2> spooky warts
<smylie> moogy ports
<Jack2> settled pharmacology
<PbN> 30+
<Jack2> simpler than that
<PbN> more
<smylie> more simpler than that
<Jack2> a mentalist geometry of breastfeeding
<PbN> still more
<smylie> straws
<PbN> dynamic is fine, fading, need more flow
<PbN> more chicken
<smylie> more ommph
<Jack2> estimate speed, time, unseen stuff just ahead
<Jack2> oomph sells
<Surd> celery, tomato and sage
<Jack2> outfits the masses
<PbN> could be more
<smylie> pazzaaz
<Jack2> masses are out for blockbusters

June 18/2000
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