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Loss Pequeño Glazier

Sunday April 2, 2000, 13:00 PST

Poet Loss Pequeño Glazier is Director, Electronic Poetry Center, State University of New York at Buffalo. The Electronic Poetry Center (EPC) is a significant presence on the World-Wide Web, circulating experimental poetry and digital poetry to 7 million users a year from over 90 countries. The EPC is used on the curricula of numerous universities worldwide and seeks to serve a broad spectrum of members of the experimental poetry community.

Glazier, a native of the Tejano and Mexican-American culture of south Texas, is the author of the poetry collections Leaving Loss Glazier, The Parts, Small Press: An Annotated Guide, and the forthcoming Digital Poetics (University of Alabama Press). Recent works include "Viz Études," a series of performances that present a reading and projection of visual, kinetic, text, and Java-based compositions for electronic space. Parts of "Viz Études" have recently been performed in San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, Buffalo, Atlanta, Mexico City, and Bergen, Norway. A selection of Glazier's works are available online: his kinetic (and other) poetry; a Real Media file of his performance of his poem for JavaScript "White-faced Bromeliads" at the Digital Arts & Culture '99 conference in Atlanta; and a reading of his recent paper, "The (Im)Material Lightness of E-PoeText", also from DAC '99.