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Sunday June 4, 2000, 13:00 PST

MEZ [Mary-Anne Breeze] is a professional net.wurk artist who has exhibited in a multitude of venues & journals both online and off [including CTHEORY's Digital Dirt, Experimenta Media Arts, SIGGRAPH_99, ISEA_97, ARS Electronica_97, trAce, BeeHive Hypermedia Literary Journal, ACOUSTIC.SPACE, Riding The Meridian, fraMe, and Pleine-Peau]. Mez holds degrees in Applied Social Science & Creative Arts, and is the author of the networked polysemic language system termed "mezangelle", which evolved from integrating series of email x-changes [initiated on the 7-11 & American Express mailing lists] with computer code and regular chat/email iconographs. Mez also operates successfully in the online art-critique world, contributing to online ezines such as Cybersociology, Switch at the CADRE Institute, the Journal of Media, Meaning, Communication & Culture, and Untold.