About Defib


Sunday March 12/2000, Noon Pacific Time (20:00 GMT)

Born in Canada, 1954. Poem by Nari is Ted Warnell, artist and writer specializing in content for new media. His visual and literary works are found in real and cyberspace art galleries, and in print, digital, and Web publications. Ted lives in and works from Medicine Hat, Canada.

  The works of Poem by Nari are results of a creative collaboration;
  artists, writers, computer programmers, and Netizens of the world.
  Digital code and data, program logic, information from cyberspace,
  all things digital, are source materials for creative exploration.
  Your participation is welcomed. You can send your ideas and logic,
  cyberstream data and debris via email to: PbNari <pbn@warnell.com>