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[11:54] <Surd> Welcome to MECHANICALBRIDE. We are gathered here today to join this and that everything in a Poem By Nari.
[11:54] <PbN> (V)|3 (V) e <++ /\ |V ! </\ |_ |3 |7. ! |> e
[11:54] <PbN> n s c b ircc i' c n w - .del- ' u o .list [00180]
[11:55] <PbN> r n acc<>n a (0)m @ acc<[00179]
[11:55] <PbN> >]i ' , .y .note:p c s .EXAMPLE:/ c s se [00178]
[11:55] *mez moves sligtlee 2 the left, her jointz creakin and veils rust.elle.ling...
[11:55] <bethg> 'ola! ted d!
[11:55] <PbN> / c s <- >EXAMPLE:/ c s mlockc [00177]
[11:55] <mez> PbN is ted??
[11:55] <mez> lo ted
[11:56] <Surd> That'd be he.
[11:56] *bethg love the texture of mez's veil.
[11:56] <PbN> @ . v ircc irc(pc):1.l irc2.u f [00176]
[11:56] <mez> izz thizz the part where we b quiet?
[11:56] <PbN> (ie4 , n 4 ).t . - . 5.f p ( ) 66676.l [00175]
[11:56] <PbN> ' .7.c a 8.c c ircs [00174]
[11:57] <Surd> I don't think the rulz are yet written.
[11:57] <PbN> c -descu -set<>desc<>u [00173]
[11:57] <mez> ok, juzt checkin
[11:57] <PbN> >-vop<>del<>-vop<>list-vop<[00172]
[11:57] <bethg> whew! quiet is hard for me.
[11:57] <PbN> cleanc -aopu -aop<>add<>-aop<[00171]
[11:57] <mez> 1nce did an online chat with mark amerika and he wanted us all to shuttup and just lecture.was quite funni actualli
[11:57] <Surd> Anybody familiar with Duchamp's The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even.
[11:58] <bethg> almost impossible.
[11:58] <PbN> >]-sop<>wipe-sop<>cleanm [00170]
[11:58] <mez> oh yes surd, am n-deed.
[11:58] <bethg> nope.
[11:58] <Surd> Do tell.
[11:58] <PbN> irct h w h w y l ?c c s c [00169]
[11:58] <bethg> up until last year i thought du champ was a boxer.
[11:58] <bethg> please do.
[11:58] <PbN> :/ c s vop# addenigma/ c s vop# a [00168]
[11:58] <bethg> tell, that is.
[11:59] *mez m-magines flickering states of flight, ss.cendencee, a figure.....
[11:59] <PbN> p @ . c -setusage-set<>[<[00167]
[11:59] <mez> bethg>.seriously.?
[11:59] <PbN> :/ n s set<>c -accessusage-accesslist- [00166]
[11:59] <bethg> yes, decided it was 'rocky du champ.'
[11:59] <PbN> c s c :accaccessakickopdeopvoicedevoiceinv [00165]
[11:59] <mez> hold on PbN, is there a key to a break into yr lineic monologue?
[11:59] <bethg> hahhahahaha
[12:00] ***etree has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer.)
[12:00] <PbN> del2/ c s akick# list/ c s akick# wipe [00164]
[12:00] <PbN> .l a o .EXAMPLE:/ c s deop# [00163]
[12:00] <mez> c s c : ack.cess ah kik deopped and deflowered? [00164]
[12:00] <PbN> .l u o .EXAMPLE:/ c s count# c [00162]
[12:00] <Surd> mostly sys codes from irc, yeah
[12:01] <PbN> @*. . / n s access j k / n [00161]
[12:01] ***tom has joined #defib
[12:01] <PbN> cleanc -uopu -uop<>add<>-uop<[00160]
[12:01] <Surd> Hi Tom!
[12:01] <mez> _.low allowance option. EXAMPLE:/ counter strike deoptioned N opened#[00159]
[12:01] <PbN> aop .add- a c s , .wipe [00159]
[12:02] <mez> juzt thort i'd hava a go, hope that's ok ted
[12:02] <PbN> (+ ) .EXAMPLE:/ c s # [00158]
[12:02] <mez> hello tom
[12:02] ***tom is now known as tomb
[12:02] <tomb> hello all
[12:02] <PbN> o c :releaseinfoaccEXAMPLE:/ [00157]
[12:02] <Surd> deep nick, tomb
[12:02] <bethg> hi tom bell!
[12:02] <PbN> .EXAMPLE:/ n s releasej a m p c - [00156]
[12:03] <PbN> passwd 4 c -idenitfyusage-identify<[00155]
[12:03] <PbN> s accesswipej | c -identifyusage-identify[<[00154]
[12:03] *bethg stares in wonder at the lines of code spilling out
[12:03] <Surd> So you say Mark wanted everyone to shut up so he could lecture. Did it work?
[12:03] <PbN> e/ c s sop# cleanc -registerusage-register<[00153]
[12:03] *mez starts freeforming ideerz as 2 the formulation N structure of the op linez
[12:04] <Surd> Or is the medium otherwise?
[12:04] <PbN> voice# j c -devoiceusage-devoice<><[00152]
[12:04] <bethg> echoes
[12:04] <mez> no, i thort it waz profoundly unsuccessful, and quizzed him as to the purr.pose of an online lecture without interaction...
[12:04] <PbN> u .n w - c i irc d j c -inviteusage-invite<>i [00151]
[12:04] <Surd> thought so...
[12:04] ***randy has joined #defib
[12:04] <PbN> EXAMPLE:/ c s set# topiclock c -restrictu [00150]
[12:04] <mez> to be fair to him though, he started with a story that he didn't want interrupted, i thort it was a rather archaic view of an online presentation...
[12:05] <PbN> INTER[e]RUPTION http://warnell.com/syntac/mcbride.htm
[12:05] <Surd> yes, it's a leaping thing...
[12:05] <PbN> s dropw c -releaseusage-release<>[ ]i [00148]
[12:05] <PbN> c s invite# c -mdeopusage-mdeop<>r [00147]
[12:05] *Surd /you and /me
[12:05] <mez> i think it was part of the australian ensemble-chora lectures/chats..waz a while ago...
[12:06] <PbN> ao /so email-s showemail-h mlock-m [00146]
[12:06] *Surd not just /me
[12:06] *mez thinks the zame:)
[12:06] <PbN> .EXAMPLE:/ n s recoverj k m p c -ghostusag [00145]
[12:06] <PbN> .EXAMPLE :/ c s unban# me/ c s [00144]
[12:06] <Surd> I see Ted's been looking into all the irc commands.
[12:07] <PbN> unban# allc -countusage-count<>t [00143]
[12:07] *mez wanderz thru the archives of the datahblind, linez flik.arh.ing in2 consciousnezz, a code here, a typoh there....
[12:07] <PbN> vop-v aop-a c s # c -vopu -vop<>add<[00142]
[12:07] <mez> yesh n-deed
[12:07] <mez> bethg, u still there?
[12:07] <PbN> c s aop# list/ c s aop# wipe/ c s [00141]
[12:08] <tomb> nice piece, ted
[12:08] <PbN> c s .l a o .EXAMPLE:/ [00140]
[12:08] ***mez changes topic to 'MECHANICAL BRIDE_ING.'
[12:08] <bethg> yep, still here, mez
[12:08] <PbN> uo ,vo ,ao ,so , akick [00139]
[12:08] <mez> [hope u don't mind jim N ted]
[12:08] <bethg> code is slippin and trippin my mind.
[12:08] <tomb> slip sliding away
[12:08] <mez> bethg>cool:)
[12:08] <PbN> ghostw m p c -dropusage-drop<>u [00138]
[12:09] <Surd> I had changed it to today's topic... guess it hiccuped.
[12:09] <PbN> sop<>del<>-sop<>list[<[00137]
[12:09] <PbN> .EXAMPLE:/ n s identifyn bm p / n s identif [00136]
[12:09] <bethg> the more you near your destination
[12:09] <PbN> .EXAMPLE:/ c s set# url :// . .ntify-a recover-s [00135]
[12:09] <Surd> Part of Ted's idea here today is to do Defib as something other than the usual.
[12:09] <bethg> the more you slip sliding away.
[12:10] <PbN> url-a u r secure-s ' mreceipts-t m [00134]
[12:10] <PbN> set# mlock+ c -identu -set<>ident[on|of [00133]
[12:10] <bethg> ted is always something mor than the usual :o)
[12:10] *mez conjurrz a pack of mechanical-bride-shuffled systemz and jumbled ircwishez, watchez them melt and glide aXXross the screen.....
[12:10] <PbN> n ss access# c -akickusage-akick<>add<[00132]
[12:11] <PbN> c s # j | c -deopusage-deop<><[00131]
[12:11] <Surd> Looking at the medium itself, the neath text, apparently, the commands... we talk to one another here but we also command a rumbling machine neath as we speak...
[12:11] <steve_d> pacific toto trebly home
[12:11] <PbN> n s <>c -registerusage-register<> [00130]
[12:11] <steve_d> trebly home tree tea christ
[12:11] <PbN> :/ m p c -recoverusage-recover<>[<[00129]
[12:11] <mez> surd>> yup...breaking open the kode and c-ing wot seepz under/uberneath..
[12:11] <steve_d> tea christ tunneling main
[12:11] <bethg> the machine writes a subtext?
[12:11] ***etree has joined #defib
[12:12] <steve_d> turnpike tag my turnpike tag
[12:12] <PbN> -uop<>cleanm u o .o so [00128]
[12:12] <mez> love the ideer of critiquing an online performance piece like this...auto-nomic feedback....
[12:12] <steve_d> my toils train toils train
[12:12] <bethg> everdeen, its great to see you here!
[12:12] <PbN> .EXAMPLE:/ c s set# founders c -url [00127]
[12:12] <bethg> and randy!
[12:12] <Surd> Ted's picture shows a machine of sorts, the Duchamp piece
[12:12] <etree> hi beth! am I really here now??
[12:12] <steve_d> urbanite vicious antisocial
[12:12] <PbN> vop# list/ c s vop# wipe/ c s vop# [00126]
[12:12] <steve_d> search green wren whisper
[12:13] <bethg> yes, you are !
[12:13] <bethg> or there.
[12:13] <PbN> descp s r c -passwdu -set<>pas [00125]
[12:13] <steve_d> whisper whiz whiz mouse
[12:13] <mez> [how do u think it echoes the BSBBHBachelors, jim?]
[12:13] <steve_d> graceful wondering central
[12:13] <PbN> c t b irc i r c .ii j ,.i , n s h .t [00124]
[12:13] <steve_d> wondering wry flood aflood
[12:13] <PbN> .o so clean,wipe,add del.uo [00123]
[12:13] <steve_d> go gorilla airlines
[12:13] <bethg> or drought.
[12:13] <Surd> machine and context
[12:14] <PbN> clean,wipe,add del.uo list.uo [00122]
[12:14] <Surd> mechanism and the human
[12:14] <steve_d> misc amber amber marble
[12:14] <Surd> And wondering about art
[12:14] <PbN> .list- a o , .wipe- [00121]
[12:14] <mez> and repetition purrhaps? and offering meaning clues not quite fitting into the established?
[12:14] <steve_d> breathe anemone violet
[12:14] <PbN> .EXAMPLE :/ c s sop# addw / [00120]
[12:14] <steve_d> anemone violet omelette
[12:14] <Surd> Who is etree?
[12:15] <PbN> c s sop# add*! @*. . / c s so [00119]
[12:15] <mez> i mean, here we all are, offered a text show of the irc underdark, the re-written code, the code made fictionalized flesh...
[12:15] <steve_d> earthling banana banana
[12:15] <bethg> jim, this is everdeen tree, a friend of mine from trace.
[12:15] <PbN> rmemolevelurldescemailpasswdf - : [00118]
[12:15] <mez> hello etree!
[12:15] <etree> etree? me?
[12:15] <steve_d> atomic bee atomic penlight
[12:15] <etree> Hello mez
[12:15] <bethg> everdeen, this is the always lovely jim andrews
[12:15] <PbN> swd<><>t c .EXAMPLE:/ c s mkick# c [00117]
[12:15] <etree> Jim Heoolll
[12:15] <steve_d> citizen big at big at
[12:15] <Surd> Cool
[12:16] <bethg> and tom bell
[12:16] <PbN> .t me , a o , .w s mforward-f ' EXAMPLE [00116]
[12:16] <bethg> bell, sorry tom
[12:16] <steve_d> i blue noblesse blue
[12:16] <bethg> and randy adams.
[12:16] <PbN> .t :acc<><. - . :66675.l p [00115]
[12:16] <steve_d> noblesse blacken blacken
[12:16] <etree> chiming bell? charming :)
[12:16] <mez> [ luv the inter-spersion of the actually [wo]manifestation of wot the sys commandz allow, the chat itself, b-ing woven b-tween the linez...
[12:16] <bethg> pbn =ted warnell.
[12:16] <Surd> Welcome all to MECHANICAL BRIDE.
[12:16] <PbN> , , must .a s .d , .9.o , "# " "/ # [00114]
[12:16] <randy> no idea what's happening here, but i am here/there
[12:16] <steve_d> cyber bossa cyber boulder
[12:17] <PbN> " .i , ircfaq :// ).8.c s p .s 98. , y [00113]
[12:17] <Surd> There is the perspective of us talking here, and then there's the perspective of someone reading this later.
[12:17] <etree> hello randy
[12:17] <bethg> we are part of a work in process/progress
[12:17] <steve_d> lucent caboose lucent canoe
[12:17] <mez> ...we all must n-dictate our viewer stator/us or ack.nowledgment ]
[12:17] <PbN> 98. 9.c c 10.a , c -infousage-info<>s [00112]
[12:17] <bethg> writing ourselves into the process, the machine
[12:17] <etree> proce/gress
[12:17] <steve_d> canoe cup cam cloche
[12:17] <PbN> .t vop .add- v o , / o .del- ' a o [00111]
[12:17] <randy> always through so myself ;-)
[12:18] <etree> pro-egress, then out of machine?
[12:18] <PbN> f c s a set :restrictfounde [00110]
[12:18] <steve_d> cloche of chunk megabyte
[12:18] <tomb> ted, how do i change the code?
[12:18] <bethg> mez?
[12:18] <steve_d> bit chunk bit chassis
[12:18] <PbN> ,c s . s c -accessusage-access># ><>t [00109]
[12:18] <mez> sure Surd, the shadow of the retrieval textual process...non-participants reading and ab.sorbing the commands that govern, the chat that evolvez...
[12:18] <steve_d> chassis before chicanery
[12:18] <tomb> is it possible or set
[12:18] <PbN> n s h c -helpusage-help<>[<>]n [00108]
[12:18] <bethg> r(evolution)
[12:19] <mez> sorry?
[12:19] <PbN> , .n setc :passwd-l ' kill-f [00107]
[12:19] <PbN> n t <> . faq :// . . / / . . ii1.a [00106]
[12:19] <steve_d> happenstance in cookie
[12:19] <bethg> its irc commands, tom.
[12:19] <PbN> vo .clean- .e s o .a sop [00105]
[12:19] <bethg> mmnn..cookies, yes please
[12:19] <steve_d> drooling dope speakeasy
[12:19] <bethg> gimme three.
[12:20] <PbN> -mlocku -set<>mlock<>t [00104]
[12:20] <etree> here's a fig newton
[12:20] <steve_d> or deodorant earthling
[12:20] <Surd> Part of the idea of Defib is not just to chat of the work and the scene but as always to look into the very now of what we do, like now
[12:20] <mez> also, the hidden /msg, the further layering b-hind the [circuit] board, the wurdic wiring....
[12:20] <PbN> .t all , .y uo [00103]
[12:20] *bethg thanks everdeen
[12:20] <steve_d> eggs double ditto a polo
[12:20] <tomb> yes, but how input?
[12:20] <etree> *everdeen brushes a few crumbs away
[12:20] <PbN> ify n s .y n s [00102]
[12:20] <steve_d> dolour doggone dolour
[12:20] <mez> sure jim, i use irc logs in my emailed performance work, though not as performative as this...
[12:20] <Surd> Tom?
[12:21] <PbN> n s , n s identify .EXAMPLE:/ n [00101]
[12:21] <bethg> here in the now?
[12:21] <steve_d> la dryer la dollar
[12:21] <tomb> does it matter?
[12:21] <PbN> s .a , .t, w - , .y ' .y [00100]

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