I decided to release the Nio source code for various reasons. It furthers the art of interactive audio more to release it than not to release it, and if people use the code, it increases my value as a programmer and artist, as long as I am credited in your project publicly, which I request of you, and as long as your project works really well and people like it. So please make your project really good.

If you use this code in any works you make, I request that you also release publicly and freely the relevant source code. In other words, if you use the synchronization code in this source code and modify it to other purposes or just use it 'as is', then please release the parts of your code that use the synchronization code so that others can use your code in the same way that you have used mine. Or if you use some other part of the code, then release the code that uses that code. You don't have to release the code for your entire project. Just the parts of the code that use my code.

Also, by using this code, you agree to not lay claim to ownership of any part of it. And, of course, it comes with no guarantees that it works under any circumstances, though I have tested it pretty well. If you use this code, you agree to not sue my ass under any circumstances, is what I'm saying.

This program was written with Macromedia Shockwave Studio version 8.0 for the PC.


Jim Andrews
August 2001

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