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Hanging at The Globe

Pornomorphs to be Hung

The Pornomorphs and other of Mr. Andrews's works will be hung from the ceiling until dead to observe the eating habits of the patrons of The Globe Cafe in Seattle Washington beginning August 23/98 and ending when the owner of The Globe can no longer stand them so observing his patrons.

Hanging Party

There will be a party on September 5 at the Globe to celebrate the hangings. You're invited. Mr. Andrews will read various of the visual works in the VIsPO galleries. 


He is very proud to  inform you that Joseph F. Keppler, Robin Schultz, margareta waterman, and Dan Raphael will also perform/read that evening. The four of us share a passion for all the dimensions of language.

margareta waterman wrote the primordial alphabet, cloud coop songs, occam's razor, and several others she's published, along with the works of many other poets, within her nine muses books.

Joseph F. Keppler is the editor of Poets.Painters.Composers and is a poet, photographer, and sculptor. His readings are legendary, as is his innovative, powerful work in multiple mediums.

Dan Raphael says "A poem can be a little alien..." and one of his most recent books is called Trees Through the Road, published by nine muses.

Robin Schultz is the owner of The Globe Cafe. His most recent book is LOVE, OR, which evolved from responses to a wall-sized visual poem Robin did in the cafe. The Globe is itself an interesting work of visual poetry featuring visual poets and their work constantly. There's a visual poem on the ceiling. Until recently there were phrases dangling from the ceiling. And they paint over the full wall mural each year with a new one by a different writer. It also features a great collection of small press poetry available to the patrons. O yes and the food! The Globe is maybe the only vegan restaurant in Seattle.

Party time.

Pornomorphs For Sale

Excellent signed, high-res, thermal wax prints of the pornomorphs and other works will be available for sale at $6 per print. These are of the same quality as the framed works, and much better than the image quality of the images on the Web. Suitable for framing. I hope to eventually set up a store on the Web where I can easily sell prints, my book, and my software. I would also like to get involved with other artists doing the same and publishing the work of promising writers.

Time and Place:

  • 8 pm, Saturday, September 5, 
  • The Globe Cafe, 1531 14th, Seattle, WA
  • Refreshments and The Globe's excellent vegan victuals available.
  • For more information, email me.

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